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Scott from Dover, Florida writes

Is this product usefull in getting rid of bedbugs?

we are trying to find the right pest control company and the best priced one said that they use ultracide to get rid of bedbugs. He said it is a three-step procedure but all he uses is ultracide. Will this be effective?


We cannot comment on the work that is done or will be done by a professional pest control company. Here is what we can tell you: Ultracide is not labeled for bedbugs so we would not recommend it for this type of application. Ultracide has a broad application nozzle which will not direct the product into cracks and crevices where bedbugs hide making it not ideal for bedbug applications. Also, the manufacturer has not tested Ultracide for bedbug applications so we have no idea if it will be effective for bedbugs. It will take multiple products to get rid of bedbugs (and also multiple applications of the products) but you must make sure the correct products are being used. Make sure only products that are labeled for bedbugs are being used and also make sure the products are being applied in areas where they are labeled to be applied (many products cannot be used on beds or furniture). Most of our customers and most professionals use the products that come in our bedbug kits, which is why we have put the kits together.   Bedbug treatment guide:

Answer last updated on: 11/06/2012

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