Just One Bite EX Bait Station Rodenticide (3 pack)

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Just One Bite EX Bait Station Rodenticide (3 pack)

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3 out of 5 stars Rating: 3

4 Reviews | 1 Q&A

Product Overview

Just One Bite EX Bait Stations contain the active ingredient bromethalin, which causes a "stop-feed" action. Most mice will stop feeding after consuming a single lethal dose. At that point, it usually takes up to two to five days from the time of ingestion for the mice to die. Each of the disposable, moisture resistant bait stations is pre-loaded with a single 0.5 oz block of Just One Bite EX bait for mice. This product is effective against mice that have become resistant to anti-coagulant baits.


Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Bromethalin 0.01%
Target pests Mice
For use in Indoor Use Only: This may only be used to control house mice in homes and residential buildings
Application While wearing gloves, place bait stations 8 to 12 feet apart in infested areas. Highest bait consumption is expected to occur on the first day or two after treatment. After several days, while wearing gloves, inspect bait placements and replace with new bait stations at sites where there is heavy feeding or where there is continued evidence of house mouse activity. Continue baiting until all signs of house mouse activity have ceased.
While wearing gloves, collect and properly dispose of all dead house mice and used bait stations. To discourage reinfestation, limit sources of rodent food, water, and harborage as much as possible. If reinfestation does occur, repeat treatment.
Time to Kill House mice usually consume a lethal dose in a single feeding, but it may take two or more days from time of bait consumption for them to die.
Shipping Weight 0.32 lbs
Manufacturer Farnam Companies (Mfg. Number: 100505463)
UPC 086621001879
EPA Registration 61282-91-89459


  • Each disposable bait station is preloaded with a 0.5 oz block of bait
  • Bait stations are moisture-resistant
  • Due to "stop feed" action, mice cease feeding after consuming a toxic dose
  • Effective against anti-coagulant resistant house mice
  • Each blister pack contains 3 bait stations
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    By Larry on 01/04/2017

    My mice wont eat this product.

    Expert ResponseExpert response:
    Thank you for your comments! We are sorry that you are not seeing the desired results from the bait you purchased. This is a new product on the market, so we have not had much feedback from our customers. The active ingredient, bromethalin, can be hard to mask, so do be sure that there are not any competing food sources in the area where you are using the bait. Also, be sure to handle bait stations with gloves so as not to contaminate the packaging with human scent. We are also happy to troubleshoot with you over the phone at 866-581-7378.

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    Not sure what was wrong

    By Patty on 12/08/2017

    I've used this product before - just not in the Bait Station. The mice coming into my apartment totally ignored the Bait Stations. I finally cut one of them open and (using gloves) dropped the bait into the area under the kitchen cabinet. I haven't seen any little "presents" in my apartment since then.

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    Tried them, Love them!

    By Rose on 04/25/2018

    I had these bait stations setting out where the mice usually go and I had them there for a month with no luck, no mice were eating at them and I was ready to give up hope, however, now I checked on the bait traps and they have been going after them and eating them and now I am starting to find dead mice on my floor.. This product does work, but it will take patience to start seeing any kind of results.. I will definitely be getting more of these! The best part about these, you can put these under radiators, furniture and your pets wont go after them (well at least my 5 pomeranians don't)!

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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    mice in the kitchen

    By John on 01/11/2019

    Bait has been down about a week, there are still mice. I do not see any lessening in activity. Still lots of droppings. All holes filled with copper, sticky trips with smell in middle. Not catching any

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Questions & Answers

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How long does Just One Bite EX Bait Station stay in the soil if there is soil contact?

Last Summer's drought in our area brought out Norway Rats. They were all over our neighborhood. We used Just One Bite EX pouring down burrow holes around raised garden beds. This poison was VERY effective and solved the entire neighborhood infestation. I've learned several packets were poured down two holes each which were located within the garden beds. Since learning I removed all plant materials/produce and disposed of in garbage. My question is whether the soil around those holes in each bed are now toxic and how to address the situation. Do I remove soil surrounding holes? Leave the two raised beds fallow? If so, how long? I understand Bromethalin is not water soluble and have read plants do not uptake the compound. But I want to be safe.


Per the product manufacturer of the Just One Bite EX Bait Stations, you would need to remove all the soil around the holes that were treated with the product. Unfortunately, there is no definitive amount of time the active ingredient would stay in the soil itself. Therefore, to make your gardening safe going forward, you would want to get that soil out of the raised beds in order to harvest anything grown in them.

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