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    Pro bait station[aquablue dome]

    By Mr on 03/05/2010

    Purchased liquid bait and bait stations (outdoor use) almost 3 years ago and had good results. I live on Long Island, NY and the problem was patio ants. As I have used these products, I'm a veteran. You should start in March if you had ant problems in the past. Just like killing weeds before the weather really starts getting warmer, you have a nice jump start for the ant season. Keep checking the bait station every 3 days and fill if needed. I learned washing the domes every time when filling gets better results. Don't put the domes in a really open area cause they will get hot and evaporate real fast. Shade is best. If you can put it behind a pail or something to shade it off that's fine too. Under a bush, side of a shed (you get the idea)! The price went up for the liquid about $10 each and the dome price skyrocketed. I'm not happy with the prices but this stuff really works when you put the effort in like everything else. If you live on either coast these ants really never go away. I believe neighbors who don't really take good care of there homes bring these critters back year in, year out and becomes my problem but these ants are natives to the area and aren't really going anywhere. Keep them in check and there's nothing to worry about. I don't like the color of the bait station so I will paint them this year to a matching color the house or just green. So, start in March and stop in May. Right down your results. Ants will still come back. Start again, giving yourself 14 days to a month. You might have to move the bait to another location. When checking the bait, see which ones run out faster, meaning that a good/bad location where the baits are assuming you use more than 1 like I do. I would give the products 4 stars but because the price went really up and the dome color is retarded and a good amount of detective work needed to get excellent results....I give 3 stars. PS- If you get quizzy looking at dead bugs, get your better half to do it! :}

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