Curtis Dyna-Fog Dyna-Jet L-30 ULV Fogger

Curtis Dyna-Fog Dyna-Jet L-30 ULV Fogger

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Product Overview

Dyna-Jet L-30 ULV Fogger features the quietest operation of ULV machines in the world. This technologically advanced ULV applicator is constructed of lightweight materials without any harmful exhaust emissions, making it perfect for any indoor and outdoor spraying applications. It is electric-powered with high-precision FMI pumping system which is designed to discharge formulas at flow rates of up to 14 ounces per minute and can produce up to 20 oz. per min, providing consistent-sized droplets. The high-speed rotary atomizer is balanced in two planes and is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene material). It also features a distinctive remote control nozzle head which lets you adjust and position it accordingly for more thorough coverage. This fogger is chemical-resistant, offering low-maintenance use for long-lasting service.

Features and Specs

For use in Indoor and outdoor residential and commercial spaces.
Application Perfect for practically any application requiring outdoor or indoor space spraying.
Dimensions 44 x 29 x 39 in.
Voltage 12V DC.
Tank Size (gal.) 15 Gallon
Material / Construction Anodized aluminum frame, powder coated aluminum blower housing, stainless steel base, stainless steel fasteners.
Special Features Designed to dispense formulations at flow rates of up to 14 ounces a minute (414 ml/min) through a precision FMI Pumping System. Quietest operating ULV machine in the world.
Shipping Weight 223.00 lbs
Manufacturer Curtis Dyna-Fog (Mfg. Number: 65100)



  • Formulation Output: Maximum pre-set flow rate: 14 ml/min; 414 ml/min
  • Droplet size: 90% of droplets below 24 microns VMD
  • Engine: Atomizer motor: 12V DC, brushless, high speed shielded bearings, water-resistant cover. Current draw: 30 Amps maximum at 14ml/min; 414 ml/min. Note: Battery is not included with the machine and is sold separately.
  • Blower: High-output, 1,350 cu. ft.; 38.2 cu. mtrs.
  • Pump Systems: Positive displacement, FMI ceramic piston pump, stainless steel housing, formulation anti-pulsing system (FAPS), tamper-resistant, lockable cover.
  • Frame/Structure: Anodized aluminum frame, powder-coated aluminum blower housing, stainless steel base, stainless steel fasteners
  • Nozzles: High-speed rotary atomizer type.
  • Noise Level: 70 dba
  • Battery Enclosure: Water-resistant enclosure, chemical-resistant stainless steel restraints. (Note: Battery is not included with machine and is sold separately).
  • Remote Control: Machine on/off, Spray on/off, formulation/flush selector, blower angle adjustment, digital battery meter with color LED bar graph, accumulative hour meter. (Backlit for night operations.)
  • Weight: Empty: 105 lbs.; 47.6 kg. With battery: 147 lbs.; 66.5 kg.
  • Formulation Tank and Filter: 15 gallons; 57 liters; with lockable cap. 25 micron large capacity filter.
  • Flush Tank: 1 gallon (3.8 liters)
  • Options:
    • 12 V heavy-duty battery
    • 12 V high-performance battery with AC charging kit
    • Syncroflow Radar Flow Control
    • Dyna-Trax GPS Tracking System
    • Digital Tachometer
    • AC Timer Kit
    • Large capacity filter kit
    • Application-specific formulations filters
    • Water-resistant machine cover

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