Ladybugs (Asian Lady Beetles)

Ladybugs, particularly the Asian lady beetle species, will try to enter homes in the fall in search of a warm place to live during the winter. Homeowners typically do not notice the ladybugs until the weather warms in the spring and they emerge in search of food. These pests can stain walls, produce a strong odor, and cause allergic reactions.

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How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs & Asian Beetles

To get rid of ladybugs (lady beetles or ladybirds) in house or garden areas, there are several options available to you. The first is to use any of the more common pyrethroid pesticides, such as Suspend SC, or Talstar P. These will provide you with a complete level of control, not only over the lady bugs, but also over any other insects whose presence might be incidental to theirs.

You can also control them using a more natural approach such as Diatomaceous Earth, which will keep other bug populations down as well. The latter option might well be the best one if you’re more interested in natural pest control solutions.

Do Ladybugs Bite?

Yes and no. ladybugs that are native to the United States DO NOT bite, but the multi-colored Asian beetles DO.

It is the invasive species that invade US houses and it is the biting invasive species that most people are impacted by. The lady bugs in one person’s garden may not be a bother at all, but the invasive lady bugs that invade another person’s house nearby will bite when handled. They can also excrete a yellowish liquid that is foul and it stains.

Ladybug Pictures

Here are a couple pictures of ladybugs:


Image courtesy of Wikipedia


Image courtesy of Iowa State University

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