Little Giant Automatic Poultry Waterer with Cover 5 qt.

Little Giant Automatic Poultry Waterer with Cover 5 qt.

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Product Overview

Little Giant Automatic Poultry Waterer with Cover is designed to provide your adult poultry birds with regular supply of fresh and clean water. The cover of this waterer extends beyond the bowl's edge in order to keep debris from getting in the water and prevent roosting. It is absolutely easy to assemble and clean. The bowl of this waterer is molded of high-density polyethylene while the cover is made of white polypropylene and attached to a bracket made of metal. Designed for adult poultry birds and not for baby chicks at all. This waterer can hold up to 5 quarts and measures 14.00 in. long by 12.75 wide by 10.50 inch high.

Features and Specs

For use in Poultry Houses
Application * See Manual for complete application instructions
Dimensions 14.00 x 12.75 x 10.50 inches
Material / Construction High-density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Shipping Weight 3.55 lbs
Manufacturer Miller Manufacturing Company (Mfg. Number: 166386)
UPC 084369166386



The metal float cover may be removed to help with the assembly process. (Remove screws and lift them and metal cover out.)

  1. Screw supplied small female adapter end onto float assembly and tighten. Make sure hose washer is in other end. It is highly recommended to add plumbers tape on male end of float assembly before attaching adapter.
  2. Screw male end of supplied hose into other end of adapter and tighten Only attach supplied hose to adapter. Other garden hoses may leak inside adapter due to different fittings It is also recommended to add plumbers tape on male end of hose before attaching to adapter.
  3. Attach female end of hose to water supply and turn water on. Wait approximately 15 minutes for float to shut water off to pan.


  • This product in not intended for use with baby chicks.
  • The water level is preset at the factory; however, minor adjustments can be made to increase or decrease the water level in the waterer if desired.
  • To adjust the water level, remove the metal float cover, then remove float arm assembly by pulling out the connecting pin, loosen the float mounting screw and nut with a screwdriver, then rotate the float arm up or down to achieve desired water level. Make sure you re-tighten the mounting screw and nut securely.


  • Rotating the arm too far up or failing to secure the float mounting screw and nut may prevent the waterer from stopping the water supply flow and run continuously.
  • Do not use this product in freezing temperatures.

OPERATING TIPS: If the water flow does not stop.

  1. Make sure water supply pressure is below 50 psi.
  2. Make sure float arm moves up and down freely without binding.
  3. Make sure float is not hitting the metal float cover when closed.
  4. Remove float pin and float arm assembly:

          a. Check for water inside the float. Replace SW23 float if necessary.
          b. Remove any debris from valve tip or valve seal and test.
          c. Replace SW8 seal and test. Extra seal is provided on the side of the float arm.
          d. Check SW20 valve tip for chips or cracks, and replace valve if needed.


  1. Remove the mounting stem with magnet and adjusting hardware from the plastic bag.
  2. Remove the wing nut and one flat washer from top of stem assembly. Height of plastic cover is adjustable by moving supporting nut and washers up or down the stem to desired height.
  3. Place plastic cover on stem and replace flat washer and wing nut.
  4. Tighten all hardware to secure assembly position of cover on stem.
  5. Apply magnet to center of metal float cover.

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