Luralite Cento Plus

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Luralite Cento Plus

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5

2 Reviews | 1 Q&A

Product Overview

Luralite Cento Plus was created as the discreet, yet highly effective solution to your light attracted insects. Effective as a bug zapper, but without the mess, Luralite Cento Plus is ideal to use in bars, restaurants, and other open areas. It is easy to service and easy to use. With the use of the GLUPAC glue boards, which contains UV stable dry glue, catching troublesome insects becomes easy and sanitary, with no need to touch the insects.

Replacement bulbs are available - Flylight Bulb for Luralite Cento Plus and Flypod Flylight (TPX18).

Features and Specs

Target pests Moths, flies, other insects that are attracted to UV light.
For use in Indoor use
Yield 270 ft. coverage
Dimensions 7 3/4 in. high x 17 1/2 in. wide x 7 in. long
Number of bulbs 18 watts (1 x 18 W bulbs) Model TP18
UV Power 18 Watts
Voltage 110V/60hz
Material / Construction All metal construction
Special Features Ideal for front of house applications
Quick and easy glueboard and bulb replacement
Designed for use with GLUPAC pheromone impregnated glueboards with UV stabilizer
Parts Included Glueboards: 1 x INL128
Tubes: 1 x TP18
Shipping Weight 7.90 lbs
Manufacturer Pelsis (Mfg. Number: ZL009/110v)


Bringing leading flying insect control to the North American market, Synergetic offers innovative, patented product solutions backed by expert technical support. The Synergetic brand offers fly lights for front-of-house areas, food manufacturing, storage areas and backrooms and commercial food preparation areas, covering a wide range of applications for every conceivable flying insect control scenario.


  • Leading patented technologies developed through a consistent new product development program
  • Offering reduced installation and service times and improved results
  • New products are developed with worldwide legislative and efficacy test houses


  • Tried and tested product solutions
  • Efficacy assessments carried out by independent test houses and at our in?house R+D facility
  • Testing and approvals from leading industry and government bodies
  • Material and component testing

Every application is unique, so each situation requires an individual assessment for flylight positioning, however, there are basic principals that should be followed

  • Recommend enough units to cover the area to be protected
  •  Install units away from sources of light competition, such as windows, doors and high powered artificial light sources
  • Consider sources of heat and airflow, such as heaters/AC units
  • Don’t install units directly above sensitive areas, such as food preparation areas
  • Glueboard units should be used in sensitive applications such as food preparation or production areas
  • Consider access for installation and future servicing
  • Wherever possible, flylights should be positioned at 90° to sources of natural light, such as windows, doors and skylights
  • Flylights should be positioned in between potential entry points, so as to intercept flying insects before they reach sensitive areas
  • Flylights should not be installed either too high or too low in the area to be protected, with an optimum height of around 6’7”

Glupac's Properties

  • Unique flexible glue application allows for maximum glue area.
  • Advanced UV stable glue guards against the glue drying out over a four week period.
  • Dry glue formulation reduces glue run from exposure to tube heat and mess free servicing.
  • Consistent thickness of glue application ensures no areas are too thin to retain the caught insect.
  • Varnished base material reduces absorption of the glue.
  • High quality silicon coated release paper provides easy peel action and less mess for reduced service times.
  • Impregnated glue contains pheromone Tricozene Z9 for an improved catch.

How often should I change my glue boards? 
We recommend that glueboards are changed every 4 weeks, to prevent the glue from drying out over a longer period of time. Particularly dry or dusty environments may require a more frequent change as atmospheric debris may become attached to the board.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Great service

    By Chapman on 03/16/2017

    The customer service here is great. The lamp shipped with a defective bulb, and they replaced it for free and in a quick manner. Will shop here again for bulbs and glueboards.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Great product

    By Tb on 07/17/2020

    One of the most effective fly lights I've purchased. Simple to maintain and parts such bulbs are easy to replace. Metal covers can be ran through dishwasher! easy to install and simply plug in to and outlet.

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Questions & Answers

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I have 3 questions about the Luralite Cento Plus: What is the color, is there a switch to turn it on and off, and is the frame steel or aluminum?

The Luralite Cento Plus has a white painted steel frame and it has a safety cut out switch to cut power to the unit during servicing.

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Luralite Cento Plus 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (2 Reviews / 1 Q&A)

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