Maggies Farm Bed Bug Killer Dust

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Maggies Farm Bed Bug Killer Dust

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4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4

1 Review | 2 Q&A

Product Overview

Maggie's Farm Bed Bug Killer Dust is a desiccant dust that has no odor and will not stain. Provides fast control and kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs, as well as ants, cockroaches, firebrats, silverfish, spiders, mites, lice, fleas, ticks, and pantry and fabric/clothes beetles and moths. When pests contact Maggie's Farm Bed Bug Killer, the dust clings to their exoskeleton and absorbs the waxy coating, causing death from dehydration. Lasts up to ten years undisturbed.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Silicon dioxide 92.1%
Target pests Bed Bugs, Ants, Cockroaches, Firebrats, Silverfish, Spiders, Mites, Lice, Fleas, Ticks, and Pantry and Fabric/Clothes Beetles and Moths
For use in In and around Residential, Multi-Family, Agricultural, and Recreational Buildings, Garages, Transport Vehicles, and other structures
Application Apply at a rate of 2 oz. per 100 sq. ft.
In attics and crawlspaces, apply at a rate of 1 lb. per 1000 sq. ft.
Use the puffer bottle to apply a light, visible film
A paint brush is useful for pushing dust into cracks & crevices, and into tufts and folds of mattresses and cushions
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Shipping Weight 0.29 lbs
Manufacturer Maggie's Farm (Mfg. Number: MBBK003)
UPC 811249020205
EPA Registration 73079-12


Bed Bug Treatment:

Remove bedding and take the bed apart. Treat the interior framework, joints and cracks in the bed frame. Treat the mattress and box spring, paying particular attention to tufts, folds and edges, and the interior framework of the box spring. Remove wall-mounted head boards and treat the back side. Treat picture frames, moldings, hollow furniture legs, cracks and crevices, along baseboards, and any areas with visible signs of infestation, including rugs and carpet. Treat upholstered furniture by removing or lifting (if possible) the cushions and treating the undersurface. Treat the interior framework, cracks and joints of the furniture, and the folds, tufts and edges of cushions and other upholstered areas. Do not treat toys and stuffed animals with product. Treat wall voids by removing electrical switch plate covers to allow access, but don’t apply dust directly in electrical boxes. Apply about ¼ oz of dust to each accessible void.

Flea, Lice and Tick Treatment:

Treat kennels, pet bedding/rest areas, floor and floor coverings, cracks behind molding and baseboards and other areas where pests may harbor.

Pantry and Fabric/Clothes Beetles and Moths:

Treat cracks, crevices and along the edges of cupboards, closets, pantries, shelving units and storage. Treat voids beneath drawer units by removing the lower drawers and treating the well. Treat the voids beneath shelving units or cabinets by removing the kickplate or drilling small access holes in the kickplate. Treat under rugs and along the edges of carpets and baseboards and other infested areas to control carpet beetles.

General Pest (Ants, Cockroaches, Firebrats, Silverfish, Spiders, Mites)


Treat attics, crawl spaces, trash closets, utility closets, behind baseboards, around the perimeter of dropped ceilings, in hollow furniture legs; under and behind bedding, appliances and vending machines; in wall voids and voids under and behind cabinets, sinks and tubs; in drawer wells, garbage chutes, pipe chases, weep holes in brick or siding, elevator pits, around drains, around electrical conduits and in cracks and crevices where insects may harbor. Focus application in areas where insects or their signs are seen.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Just in case and it spreads well

    By Vincent on 07/17/2020

    It's still too early to tell a sufficient story, but it goes a long way and spreads well. I didn't have any signs prior and put it around to be sure. I will not put it on me while sleeping, nor will I sprinkle it onto the sheets that I lay. We'll see soon hotter and wetter weather coming here now at 99 degrees F. I notice the dirt-fly's are getting weird stopping on the walls to be smashed, chigger's are going wild and won't leave me alone at the computer.

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Questions & Answers

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Is there any difference in Maggies Farm Bed Bug Dust and Cimexa?

Maggies Farm Bed Bug Killer Dust  and CimeXa have the same active ingredient, just different manufacturers.

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Are there larger quantities of Maggies Farm Bed Bug Killer Dust available for purchase?

We only have Maggies Farm Bed Bug Killer Dust available in a 3 oz bottle.  

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Maggies Farm Bed Bug Killer Dust 4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4 (1 Reviews / 2 Q&A)

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