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Luigi from Warwick, Ri writes


I own a business that is on a freshwater lake and have a huge problem in the summer with mayflies. We are lit up at night to attract business but we also get mayflies, tons of them. Is there anything you think may help the problem? Thank you in advance for your time.


With this type of insect your control is going to be limited because a lot of times they can hover around surfaces more than they land, and it can be hard to find the main harboring area. Look for trees with dense foliage around the business as this could be a prime spot for them to hide until it gets darker and the lights come on. If the majority of the business and seating area is directly on/over the lake or comes right up to the shore, you will want a spray like Essentria IC3. It will kill any that land on it and is safe to be used around aquatic areas without harming any life in the water. The Essentria can be sprayed all over surrounding trees, bushes, lawns, walkways and banisters and all around the lights they tend to congregate on. If the areas you have high mayfly activity are not near the waters edge, you could use something like Talstar P instead. Both products will do a great job and will dry clear on the surfaces you treat, however the Essentria because it is all natural, will have a stronger odor of peppermint/spearmint when you do the application and may linger for a few hours after treatment. The Talstar is odorless so no smell will be present when treating or after. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Answer last updated on: 06/11/2013

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