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    By Bill on 09/14/2010

    Excellent systemic saved my avocado tree from thrips, my ficus hedge from whitefly and my lawn from grub worms. Somewhat effective on the lime tree for leaf miners. Merit can be used on everything around your home, and even as a foundation soak for subterranean termites.

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    Elm Beetle drench

    By Gerard on 02/02/2018

    I worked out the amounts I needed per tree, weighing the doses seemed the most effective. Did all 14 of my Chinese Elms, we will see how effective my process was this summer when the beetles hit. The internal packaging was damaged on a couple of packets within the main package. Compared to some of the liquid alternatives, this powder seems to be the most cost efficient method of addressing my beetle protection. It was less than 1/3 of the cost I was quoted by a commercial exterminator or buying the liquid version from Home Depot.

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    Locust Borers

    By Chris on 08/30/2018

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    I have several older Large purple robes that are infested with locust borers. The local "pros" told me to cut them down and chip/burn them; they could not be saved. We planted these trees 15 years ago when we bought the property and I was not about to give up on them that easily. I did a foliar treatment to kill the emerging adults with Cyper and did a drench treatment and repeat treatment a few weeks after to make sure I got the Merit into the roots. A year later 2 of my 3 trees are thriving. The winds did break one of the weakend trees but the other two are going strong, healing over their wounds and so far no sign of new borers.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)