Misc. Equipment

Can’t find a piece of equipment for your pest control or lawn care application? Look no further. Small parts and accessories can be found here. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Give our customer service team a call at 866-581-7378 for assistance.

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Fan tip for Airofog Mini sprayers.
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The RRCM Cool Packs are optimally placed where the proximity to the cardiovascular system is optimized
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Tool adapter for Vapamore MR-1000 Forza units.
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Replacement part for Actisol aerosol sprayers.
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Replacement pump unit for B&G 3 gallon sprayers.
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Replacement part for B&G Flex-A-Lite foggers.
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A repair kit for Airofog USP sprayers.
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Replacement part for Chapin G2001P sprayers.
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Replacement part for the 1152A Hand Duster
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An environmentally friendly premium grade steam cleaner with two steam power settings and a 5 bar pressure rating.
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Multiple sizes available
An innovative way to save water and create a lush green garden or landscape without wasting any chemicals.
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Replacement part for Pyranha SprayMaster misting systems.
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A four-finger power sprayer that sprays at all angles without any leakage.
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Clip on feed or water cup for Tomahawk Live Traps.
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Replacement part for Airofog Unique sprayers
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Universal charger for all Exacticide dusters.
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Replacement hose for Tomahawk Power TPS25 backpack sprayers.
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Adapter that allows Atrix BP backpack units to be used with Atrix Omega Series accessories.
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9 inch wand assembly for B&G PAS units.
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Extension pipe for use with B&G series 400 termite tools.
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A professional hose reel that is made from high-quality materials.
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A service kit for the Airofog Benjamin BAS unit.
Replacement Rear Door for Tomahawk Humane Roundhouse Trap Quick View
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Replacement Rear Door for the Tomahawk Humane Roundhouse Trap
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Replacement strap for Tomahawk foggers.

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