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Brandon writes

Mosquito control with Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide

I will be using a backpack fogger and would like the ratio for the product. Do I need to add eco- adjuvant? Do you carry any granules for mosquito control on turf?


When fogging Eco-Exempt IC-2, the label recommends using between 4 and 10 ounces per gallon of water.  You should use the Eco-adjuvant with the Eco-Exempt IC2.  The Eco-adjuvant will help the Eco-Exempt IC2 stick better to leaves, shrubs, and trees and help it last longer outside. The Eco-Exempt IC2 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It has been replaced with Essentria IC3 which includes the adjuvant in the product.  You should direct the fog at shrubs, bushes, and trees, and especially the underside of leaves which is where mosquitoes hang out at during the day.  There is not a good granules for mosquitoes since most of them are on or under leaves and not on the ground once they are adults.

Answer last updated on: 09/28/2010

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Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide

Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide

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