Mosquito Identification Guide

Learn About the Mosquito Life Cycle & Anatomy

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There are over 170 different types (species) of mosquitoes in the United States. While they may vary slightly in the way they look, they have one thing in common, the females of most species must obtain a blood meal to lay eggs. While the small amount of blood taken from the person or animal is usually of no consequence, however the saliva left behind can be highly irritating and they are also carriers of diseases and parasites. Keeping the mosquito population on your property under control can help limit their contact with people and animals.

Adult mosquitoes are typically less than 1 inch long immature mosquitoes, or mosquito larva range in size from 1/16" - 1/2" in size depending on how old the larva is.


Adult Mosquitoes

  • Slender body
  • Scaled wings
  • Long legs
  • Typically less than 1 inch in length

Immature Mosquitoes or larva

  • Thin worm like body
  • Noticeable head


Adult Mosquitoes

  • Range in color from light gray to black with white striped legs

Immature Mosquitoes or larva

  • Range in color from light gray to brown

Where do Mosquitoes live? Mosquitoes can be found in every state in the US. Areas with calm bodies of water and areas that receive large amounts of rain are likely to have larger populations of mosquitoes.

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