The most effective way to control a mouse infestation in your home or yard is poisonous mouse bait. Mice ingest the bait themselves and bring bait back to their nest to spread to other mice, quickly controlling an infestation. Baits can be used both indoors and outside, but should always be placed in tamper-resistant bait stations to protect children and pets. 

Mice Guide

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Mice and Their Threat to Your Home

A mouse infestation can be a very serious issue when it comes to home pest control. These small rodents are known to quickly create large nests inside the structure of your home, and can often present numerous dangers including unsanitary conditions and the spreading of dangerous diseases. Getting rid of the problem can be a daunting task. Fortunately, you’ve made it to Do My Own Pest Control and we have every kind of mouse poison and bait you need for mouse elimination.

It’s Actually Pretty Easy to Get Rid of Them…If You Know What to Use

To get rid of mice in your home, there are a few options. One popular method is to poison the mice with a chemical known as a rodenticide. This mouse poison comes in several different formulas, most of which act by disrupting the natural ability of the rodent’s blood to clot, which leads to massive hemorrhaging and death within a couple of days after ingestion. Mouse poison is usually packed inside mouse bait, which will attract the mouse and is often formulated from derivatives of human food products.

How to Compare Different Kinds of Mouse Poison

The best mouse bait is one that hides the mouse trap poison within, leaving the rodent unaware that it is eating something that will lead to its death. This can also be useful when the mice take the bait back to their nest and it is shared among the other members of the infestation. This leads to a very quick reduction in the numbers of rodents in your home. Combining methods such as this with other rodent control products such as mouse traps can even have a multiplying effect on the results, and might be considered particularly if you are dealing with a large or entrenched infestation.

A Few Extra Pointers for Using Mouse Poison

When placing and using mouse poison bait, it is vital that you do not leave it out in the open where it can be encountered by children and pets, as the substances contained in many products can be harmful to them. It is best, when deciding on how to bait a mouse trap, to look for areas that are hidden and out of the way. Not only are they less likely to be intruded upon by curious pets and kids, but they are also more likely to be explored thoroughly by the mice, leading to them coming into greater contact with the active mice poison.

Use Mouse Poison in the Right Way

One of the most important aspects of effective mouse extermination is to understand how mice behave and where to place your mouse poison in order to get results. A typical house mouse will nest in undisturbed litter or clutter, or in the cavity of a wall. It will usually travel between 10-30 feet from its nest to find food or water and almost never beyond that. In addition, mice are usually active at night and run along the walls and baseboards of rooms.

Place the mouse poison along walls or in secluded, dark places near evidence of mouse activity. Always follow your particular product’s instructions closely to keep yourself, children, and pets safe. To prevent pets and children from tampering with rodent bait, you should place it in tamper-resistant mouse bait stations. If used as directed, the mouse poison products we sell are very safe.

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If secondary poisoning is a concern (i.e. if your pet eats a dead rodent that died from eating mouse bait), we recommend you choose Contrac Blox or Terad3 Blox, which both have antidotes that are readily available from a veterinarian.

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