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Naprovit PRO Plus

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    Naprovit PRO Plus

    By Steve on 06/06/2016

    Prior to using this product, I uses synthetic pesticides in my home misting service. The synthetic products worked well and killed a lot of bugs....probably a lot of beneficial ones too. Another downside of synthetics is that they tend to coagulate in the tank and interfere with the misting nozzles. After about a month using Naprovit PRO the flies, spiders, mosquitoes etc. seem to be gone and the misters are putting out a really fine mist. I'm very pleased with this product and intend to continue to use it.

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    This really works

    By Julie on 05/05/2019

    I waited to write this review until after using a whole bottle in our 55 gallon misting system. We live on the coast in Texas where the mosquitos are a big problem. This product works great. This is the third product we have tried and by far it works the best. Our mister sprays 3 times a day routinely. At dusk if the timed spray doesn't knock them down completely, we usually only have to spray 1 extra time and then the rest of the night we are good. It is fast acting, very little odor and is safe for plant, animals and children. It seems to work on the gnats too which other products did not.

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    This product works

    By Julie on 06/13/2019

    We live on the Texas Gulf Coast where everyone knows the mosquitoes are out of control. We have a house in Sargent, TX near the water. Since installing our misting system we have tried 4 different brands. So far, this product has done the best to kill not only mosquitoes but the issue we have had with gnats too. It also doesn't clog up the nozzles. We used to have to replace several or clean nozzles every few months with other products. Since switching to Naprovit Pro plus we have only had 2 nozzle issues. That's it out of 30 nozzles. I will say, there are times the bugs are so bad we have to set off the sprayer a few times, in about 15 min intervals,it to get them knocked down but usually that is all it takes. Our house is on stilts so we sit out underneath it all the time. Very happy with this brand!!

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)