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Naprovit SC bottle (12 oz)
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Naprovit SC

Naprovit SC cleans and revitalizes misting systems and equipment for ideal performance. The biodegradable and non-toxic formula flushes lines, unclogs nozzles, and removes oxidation, chemical residue, and other build-up from equipment. This results in better atomization and better overall performance. It is completely safe for use around pets, food, plants and aquatic life and leaves no residue on surfaces. One bottle should be used with every tank of regular use for best results. It is especially helpful when it is time to winterize your misting system and equipment when it is important to clear as much residue and fluid as possible from the system.

Case comes with 12 bottles - 12 oz each.

Product Documents

Directions for use in Misting Equipment:

  1. For best results, empty and flush tank prior to use.
  2. Mix one 12 oz. bottle of Naprovit SC with 4 gallons of water and run through system until mixture is used up.
  3. Leave any residual mixture in the tank and refill tank as needed for regular usage.
  4. For best results add one bottle Naprovit SC to every tank of regular usage.

Drum Based Systems

  1. Empty and flush tank and mix one 12 oz. bottle of Naprovit SC with 4 gallons of water in the tank.
  2. Activate an extended manual mist and run through the system until mixture is used up.
  3. The mist cycle will further flush the pump and nozzle circuit and the agitation cycle will flush the agitation valve.
  4. Remove the intake line (and agitation j-tube if equipped) from the tank, and disconnect the nozzle circuit line, and activate a dry (ie. suction line not in any fluid) manual mist to clear fluid form the valve and pump.
  5. Repostion the drum lid and assembly back on the drum and unplug the unit and wrap power cord around the assembly.
  6. Replace waterproof cover.

Tankless Systems

  1. Flush coupler, dosing pump and insecticide flow line and screw Smart Cap or PRO-CAP onto a vented bottle with Naprovit SC.
  2. Execute a manual charge to activate the dosing pump and run the dosing pump for an extended period, flushing the insecticide out of the pump and line.
  3. Remove the Smart Cap from the bottle and snap the cap alone into the Smart Coupler and execute a manual charge to pump air through and thus evacuate fluid from the insecticide flow line for 2 minutes.
  4. Flush batch tank, pump and agitation valve with clean water and drain the batch tank and drain the batch tank again.
  5. Evacuate the remaining fluid from the inlet water line and pump discharge line.
  6. Disconnect the nozzle circuit from the unit and then disconnect the water supply line, and allow any remaining trapped fluid to drain.
  7. With the valves open, let the water run out of the valve.
  8. Blow some air into the water fitting (with the valves open) to ensure no water remains trapped in the unit. (optional)
  9. Unplug the unit and coil the power cord and store under the unt.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Great product
    By Chad in Texas on 12/02/2014
    Verified Purchase

    This is a great product . Does a really good job cleaning the lines and nozzles

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Naprovit SC
Naprovit SC
5 out of 5 stars