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    2nd can evaluation

    By Nick on 04/04/2014

    Until now I have always used clean air purge. It is expensive but it is worth it. The on time product is good as long as it is warm ~80 degrees. When I turn the heat down and it falls below about 75 the product doesn't dissipate in the air fully so there is always a wet spot on my tiled concrete show car floor. I never have this problem with clean air purge even if the garage hits 50 degrees in severe weather in late winter or early spring. My previous review is directly above and I must revise it to 3 stars. The product works well when warm but I have a feeling the price is lower due to less solvents used to emulsify and carry the insecticide in the air. With less solvents to disperse the insecticide, most of the active ingredients fall to the floor without being properly circulated in the air. So in summary, I personally will use this in the summer months when I let the garage stay around 80-85 and it atomizes well. In the colder months I will use clean air purge to avoid the atomization problems. If you only use this type of product in summer, on time is a good savings. I understand this is a trivial complaint but there is a difference.

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