Organic Compost

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BuffaLoam Organic Plant Food Loose Compost Tea
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An organic plant fertilizer that is OMRI Listed Compost Tea that feeds the microbes in the soil.

Ultragreen Compost Maker
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An all-natural and organic compost maker that creates a rich compost out of the left over garden clippings to improve the garden.

Natural Guard Compost Maker
Multiple sizes available
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A all-natural and organic compost maker that combines all the ingredients for converting organic matter into a rich mulch.

BuffaLoam Organic Compost
Multiple sizes available
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An OMRI listed compost is entirely composed of 100% Buffalo Compost and locally produced wood shavings.

Compost Wizard Compost Booster
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An advanced enzyme organic technology that will help rapidly accelerate composting.

GardenSoxx with Palmetto Supreme Organic Compost
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An all Organic Compost is a great way to plant a worry-free vegetable and flower gardens.

Espoma Organic Compost Starter
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The ideal choice to use in speeding up the decomposition of difficult materials with organic microbes..


Organic Compost for Lawn and Garden

Organic compost added to your soil will improve the soil texture and soil health, which helps create a healthy environment for plants and turf to grow in your lawn and garden. Organic compost is made up of decomposed organic matter, like animal manure and plant materials.  Adding compost is an easy way to boost nutrients and improve the quality of your soil.

Compost can fix certain aspects of your soil. For example, it can help sandy soils hold water, improve nutrient holding capacity, and break up heavy or clay soils for better air and water flow and root growth. All compost is made from organic matter, including manure from animals like buffalos and turkeys, and decomposing plant matter. In addition to being mixed into the soil, it can be used as mulch or top dressing.

If you’re growing an organic garden and want to use compost, look closely on the label for products listed as OMRI compliant or labeled as suitable for use in organic gardens.


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