What is Oryzalin?
Oryzalin is the active ingredient in the preemergent herbicide Surflan . Physically it looks like a  bright yellow-orange powdery substance.  Oryzalin is used primarily for controlling and inhibiting weed growth in annual grasses and broadleafs.  As the name suggests, a pre-emergent herbicide  must be applied before weeds emerge to have any real effect.

How is Oryzalin used?
It is predicted that 80% of oryzalin use is on soybeans, with the remaining 20% being used in vineyards, almond orchards, fields of grain, potatoe fields, and other crops.

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How does Oryzalin work to control weeds?
Oryzalin controls weeds by disrupting plant microtubules, which are essential to maintaining cell structure. What does that mean? Well, basically oryzalin blocks the growth of plant cells so that weeds are not able to grow as they normally would. It is important to make the distinction that pre-emerent herbicides such as oryzalin do not destroy weeds but simply prevent growth. That is why they must be applied every year or the weed will eventually grow.

Toxicity Information
Products containing oryzalin have to include the word "Caution" on their label.  Oryzalin is moderately toxic to birds and fish. While it was originally grouped with other Class B2 (probable human) carcinogens, new research has called for a downgrade to a Class C (possible human) carcinogen.

Oryzalin is available in aqueous suspension, dry flow-able, and wet table powder formulations.

Products Containing Oryzalin
Surflan Pro Herbicide (Oryzalin 40.4%)
Monterey Weed Impede (Surflan Herbicide)
Surflan AS Herbicide
XL 2G Granules - 50 lb. bag

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