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Product Overview

PenaShield is a Termiticide, Fungicide and a Perservative. It is a borate based, ready to use wood preserver that will kill and prevent carpenter ants, drywood and subterranean termites, wood boring beetles and decaying fungi. It is easy to use - just brush or spray onto the wood. For exterior use, paint or seal wood after applying. All termites that have been sprayed directly or have ingested the wood will begin to die. It could take a few days before the whole infestation is eliminated, but they will slowly all die. When using as a termiticide, it is not a substitute for mechanical alteration, foundation treatment or soil treatment - if there are active infestations, get a professional inspection. After applying to wood, do not expose to snow or rain for at least 24 hours after treatment. When added to surfaces that are exterior, make sure to cover grasses and plants with plastic to avoid affecting regular plant growth.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Boron sodium oxide (B8Na2O13), tetrahydrate (12280-03-4) 8.5%
Target pests Termites, Carpenter ants, wood boring beetles and decay fungi
For use in Residential
Application Spray or brush
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed on label
Yield 1 gallon covers 250 sq ft
Shelf Life 1 year
Dimensions 6 width x 6 height x 12 depth
Coverage Area 250 sq.ft.
Color Clear
Shipping Weight 8.79 lbs
Manufacturer Nisus (Mfg. Number: PRO-PENASHIELD)
UPC 616609777078
EPA Registration 64405-5


Surface Preparation
Apply only to bare, dry wood. Remove any finishes or water repellents before applying PenaShield. Clean surfaces to be treated to ensure they are free of dirt and other contaminants. If the finished appearance is a primary concern, also remove mold and mildew prior to application of PenaShield. If detergents or cleaners are used to prepare the surface, thoroughly rinse and allow surface to dry prior to application of PenaShield.

Maintenance of Treated Surfaces
Apply PenaShield every 1 to 5 years to exterior unfinished bare wood surfaces. Interior surface treatments of existing wood are considered permanent and do not require reapplication or coating except in situations involving repeated moisture contact or high humidity, such as shower stalls, bathhouses, saunas, etc. Any additional installed wood must be treated. Protection may be extended by coating/painting treated wood with a water-resistant finish such as paint or exterior stain. Although a wide variety of paints and stains have been successfully used over PenaShield treated wood, it is always a good idea to coat a small section of treated wood with the finish to be used and check for compatibility prior to complete application. Allow PenaShield-treated wood to completely dry (at least 24 hours) before applying any protective finish and apply protective finish within 2 weeks of treatment.



Use soap and water to clean up tools.

Application Instructions
Apply PenaShield only to bare wood or to wood surfaces where an intact water-repellent barrier is not present. PenaShield is a ready-to-use product. Either brushapply directly from the container or apply with a low pressure garden-type sprayer. Small wooden items may also be treated by dipping. Return unused product to original container and seal tightly. Always clean and/or flush equipment and lines with water after use. When applying more than one coat, wait at least 20 minutes between applications. No immersion or dip soaking necessary.

See product label for specific directions according to specific treatment.

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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    How does Boracare compare to Penashield?

    By Al on 05/14/2016

    My understanding is that Penashield is basically like Boracare but pre-mixed. Is it as effective as Boracare for drywood termites? The reason why I'm asking is because I sprayed Penashield on some ants and after they floated around for some time they casually walked away like nothing happened. If Boracare is suppose to kill on contact why doesn't Penashield do the same? Thanks!

    Expert ResponseExpert response:
    Neither Boracare no Penashield kills on contact. These products are stop feed products and after consumed can take several days to a could of weeks to kill ants.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Quick easy ordering, knowledgeable staff

    By Hans on 07/16/2018

    Easy website, good info, very large selection, good prices. Excellent chat function with folks who know what they are talking about. Got all my questions about the product answered, quick order process, very fast delivery. Happy repeat customer.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    PenaSheild wood preservative is easy to apply

    By Tom on 08/28/2020

    PenaSheild wood preservative brushes on and soaks into the bare wood surface. It is clear and when it dries the wood color is natural. Be sure to apply before any waterproofing coating to allow it to soak into the wood. Drys quickly in warm weather. Also, apply a waterproofing coating over it, because it is water soluble. I used PenaSheild to treat the undersides of decking, and exposed cut wood of my decking and structure. I let the cut ends soak in a bucket of PenaSheild. There is very little odor with this product. Also, this is one of the few wood preservative products that I could find that are available for retail sale, and have borate based wood preservative, which should help control dry rot, and insects that bore into the wood. Only time will tell how effective the borate is in controlling dry rot and insect infestations.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Works amazing so far

    By Dawn on 12/18/2020

    Just applied so will see what happens, owner had a wall with pallet wood on it never treated and had dry wood termites!! Sprayed the entire wall a few times and let dry. So far we haven't seen any problems but time will tell. Easy to apply, can't recommend it enough

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Nice product

    By Belford on 09/18/2020

    Really good product at a good price and fast shipping!

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Questions & Answers

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What's the difference between Penashield & BoraCare? Especially since Boracare is diluted?

Is this 'already diluted' Boracare?

Penashield and Boracare do have the same active ingredient and are similar but not the exact same product. Penashield is used as is and should be used every 1-5 years (on outside wood that is not painted) while Boracare lasts for the life of the wood in favorable conditions and is a concentrate.  For indoor wood and wood that is painted/stained both will also last for the life of the wood. We would recommend using Boracare if you are seeking a longer lasting treatment.

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What is the called for dilution of PenaShield or is used straight from the bottle?

Is this used straight from the bottle or diluted. My use is for powderpost beetles.


PenaShield  is meant to be applied undiluted directly from the container. 

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Is PenaShield Eco-Friendly?

Is it harmful to kids or animals?

PenaShield is safe around animals and children if it is used as directed. We would not recommend using it when animals and children are in the room. Once the product is dry, it is safe for children and animals to return to the area.

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Will PenaShield work for powderpost beetles and can I buy it in NYC?
PenaShield is labeled to eradicate wood boring beetles. We are unaware of any locations in NYC that you can purchase the product, please contact Nisus for more information on treatment etc. They can be reached at 800.264.0870.

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Can I use PenaShield on pressure treated wood and then apply Thompson's Water Seal?

Yes, you can apply PenaShield to pressure treated wood that is dry, and once the application has dried you can apply a water sealant.  Allow PenaShield-treated wood to dry completely (at least 24 hours) before applying any protective finish.  Protective finish must be applied within 2 weeks of treatment.

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PenaShield 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.6 (7 Reviews / 11 Q&A)

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