Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum


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Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum bag (30 lbs)
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Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum

Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum combines high quality gypsum with Pennington's Advanced Soil Technology to provide a source of natural soil aeration. Properly aerated soil is a vital necessity for strong, healthy plants. Gypsum provides essential sulfur and to the soil, which helps to reduce erosion, loosen soil that is compacted, and helps to reduce soil crusting. Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum goes to work immediately and will not raise the soil pH. It is easily applied using a garden spreader, and works best on grass, shrubs, and vegetable and flower gardens. It can be applied any time of year to any type of soil, though it is especially effective in clay and other compacted soils.

  • Starts working immediately
  • Promotes root growth
  • Helps loosen compacted soil
  • Adds calcium without raising pH
  • Features AST (Advanced Soil Technology)

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    5 of 5 stars  Did more good than I had anticipated
    By Stan in league city, texas on 04/17/2016

    Bought a new house that had soil heavily crusted with clay once you got pass the three inch layer of sand. Gypsum was applied in Sep and Mar and made a huge difference in my grass growth. (clay had broken up which allowed water to flow thru the soil. Grass was able to take root and flourish. "Best yard on the block"

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05/05/2015 Claire from Philadelphia, Pa

QWill this help with salt damage from winter?
My street tree was inundated with salt residue.

AGypsum provides essential sulfur and to the soil, which helps to reduce erosion, loosen soil that is compacted, and helps to reduce soil crusting. 

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03/30/2016 Mike from Hanahan, Sc

QIs Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum a good product for Centipede grass/sod?


Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum can be used on any turf type if needed as directed on the product label.

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03/31/2015 Glyn from Florence, Sc

QIs Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum lime in powder form?

A Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum is brownish granules, not powder. 

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04/17/2016 Stan from League City, Tx

QAt what frequency should Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum be applied in the yard to break up clay?
I applied two bags last year. (Sep and Mar)


The†product label†for†Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum†does not give a max rate per year or frequency of applications. †It just†states that it†can be applied any time of year though it is encouraged to apply at the beginning of each growing season for best results following the rates listed. It is recommended to get†a soil analysis done to determine how much you will need to apply and this would better help you determine how much and often you need to apply.

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