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Michael from Los Angeles, Ca writes

Perimeter trench every 10 years for termites vs. ant perimeter treatment every 6 months

Per the instructions, a perimeter treatement in a trench is recommended for termite prevention, vs. a perimeter treatment (above-ground, as I understand) is recommended twice a year for ant treatment. I suspected that ants are entering my house from below the ground through cracks in the concrete slab. Would the trenched perimeter treatment every 10 yeears be effective for BOTH termites and ants?


A trench treatment with Taurus SC will kill both termites and ants that travel through the treated soil. However, if the ant or termite colony is located directly under the slab of your home there is a possibility that they may not pass through the treated soil around the perimeter of your home as they come through a crack in the foundation. In order to kill ant or termite colonies located under the slab we would recommend drilling through the cracks in the foundation and inject the Taurus SC into the soil below foundation. You would drill a hole every 12 inches along the crack in the slab and use 4 gallons of the diluted Taurus solution per 10 linear feet.

Answer last updated on: 10/08/2014

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