Plant Covers

During harsh weather and pest infestations, it can be tough to protect your plants. Plant covers make it simple to protect your plants by using fabric or mesh to repel insects, shade plants, and protect them from frost and other harsh weather conditions.

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Plant Covers

Many ornamentals and garden plants need extra protection in certain times of the year. In the heat of summer, tomatoes and other vegetables can whither in the excess heat and sun. Mesh covers can help ward off insects while allowing light and air to get to plants. Thermal or thicker covers and wraps will help protect plants from winter weather so your plants will continue to thrive year after year.

Garden fabrics, also called floating row covers, come in different weights depending on the season. You can support the fabric over your plants with wooden stakes or frames, but make sure to secure the fabric to the ground or to the supports with staples or clips. Pre-made domes with mesh and other fabrics make it easy to set over the plants you want to protect.

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