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Manny from Escondido, Ca writes

I planted Tall Fescue seed this last April (Late) and had nice looking yards in front and back.

However, the crabgrass and other weeds took over. I waited until the yard got established (28 days) to start spraying and killing! I used 2,4D and have been using Drive XLR8 to kill the crabgrass. Now I have about half a lawn left! I live in San Diego inland Climate 10 where it gets in the low 90s some summer days. Usually in the mid 80s. I want to overseed the tall fescue this fall (Fall is the best time to plant fescue and other cool season grass) but I want to apply a crabgrass pre emergent. When would you suggest I treat for crabgrass and plant my seed? I plan on seeding mid to late October. Thanx for your help!


According to the product label: Reseeding, Overseeding, or Sprigging Reseeding, overseeding, or sprigging of treated areas within 3 months after a single application of this product, or within 4 months after a split application program totaling more than 0.73 oz per 1000 sq ft (2 pints per acre), may inhibit the establishment of desirable turfgrasses. Late Summer or Fall Application: This product can also be applied in the late summer or early fall (late August through November) at the Program 3 use rates listed in the table below. A fall application followed by an appropriately timed spring application provides season-long weed control. Do not exceed the maximum use rate per year. For Poa annua control see Section titled “Poa annua (Annual Bluegrass) Control” below. Program 3: Use Program 3 for preemergence control in turf: (a) where turfgrass is cut relatively low (e.g., golf fairways); and (b) where turf maintenance or weed control was not conducted during the previous year.This program provides 4 to 6 months of preemergence crabgrass control and may also be used for early postemergence control up to crabgrass tillering at sites where turfgrass is cut relatively low (e.g., golf fairways). Make subsequent, sequential pre and/or postemergence applications where longer periods of control are desired. Split applications may also be made, with the rates in the Use Rates table being split across two applications made 5 to 10 weeks apart. Split applications may provide improved weed control. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Answer last updated on: 08/08/2013

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