Chicken Egg Incubators & Accessories

Hatch eggs indoors with our poultry egg incubators. Designed to keep poultry eggs warm without frying, egg incubators are a must have for farmers and hobbyists alike.

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A 250 watt red heat lamp bulb to help maintain animal warmth.
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A circulated air fan kit providing gentle air flow for egg incubators.
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Specially designed for use with Little Giant Automatic Egg Turner and this set of rails holds a total of 120 quail or small eggs.
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A lamp with a ceramic socket designed to provide chicks with a warm, dry environment.
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A must-have for still air incubator, designed to safely turn eggs to exercise the developing embryo.
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An incubator that will not only provide high-yield hatch but also can be operated intuitively and safely.
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A 250 watt clear heat lamp bulb to help maintain animal warmth.
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A Mercury-free thermometer which is essential for monitoring the temperature inside an incubator or egg turner.

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