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Jim from Rotonda West, Florida writes

Pre-emergent and Post-emergent Weed Control

I have prostrate spurge, spotted spurge, sedge, prostrate knotweed, lamb's quarter, and crabgrass. Other weed killers have ruined my empire zoysia, argentine bahia, etc. I live in Rotonda West, Florida and the weather is warm and the weeds are out of control!


You will have to use multiple products in order to control the weeds in your lawn effectively. Sedgehammer is labeled to control sedge and lambs quarter. For best results, do not irrigate for at least 4 hours and do not apply through the irrigation system. SpeedZone Southern is labeled to be used in St. Augustine as well and will control spurge and knotweed. This product can start working within 3 hours of application. We would recommend using a surfactant with this product. For pre-emergence of various weeds, including crabgrass, we would recommend Dimension 2EW.

Answer last updated on: 11/08/2014

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