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  • Asked by Chris from Clarkston, Wa
    Can you clarify the height requirement, phytotoxicity concern, and tank mixing for Prentox PBO-8 Synergist?
    I see that this may be used with air blast sprayers or power sprayers, but then I see the statement "Do not release spray at a height greater than 10 feet above the ground." This concerns me. I am also concerned about phytotoxicity and how well this synergist will work with microcap versus EC formulations.

    That is correct, according to the product labelPrentox PBO-8 Synergist cannot be applied higher than 10 feet above the ground or crop canopy, so if the application you need to do requires application above that height limit then I would reconsider using this product. The Phytotoxicity Notice on the product states, "Prior to tank mixing, do a compatibility test using the proper proportions of pesticide, synergist and water to ensure physical compatibility of the mixture. Mix at a rate of 2 to 8 fl. oz. of this product per acre, based on the amount of active ingredient. In the absence of specific data or prior experience on growing crops and ornamentals (outdoors, in greenhouses or indoors), test tank mixes on a small sample of the plants to be treated prior to use and observe for any phytotoxic injury."

    You can use Prentox PBO-8 Synergist with a wide variety of insecticides, including encapsulated products. There are suggested rates on page 5 of the product label.

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