Prentox PBO-8 Synergist

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Prentox PBO-8 Synergist

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4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.5

2 Reviews | 1 Q&A

Product Overview

Prentox PBO-8 Synergist is an emulsifiable concentrate that synergizes most commonly used insecticides. It contains the only US-made Piperonyl Butoxide as its active ingredient and it is used as an additive in many insecticides to help enhance their performance and resistance management. It is designed to help improve control of insects and mites using lower rates. With its low risk toxicological profile, PBO-8 is safe for humans and the environment. PBO-8 can be used in a variety of different locations from residential dwellings to livestock housing. It works with different types of fogging, misting, or spray equipment to let you use it according to site or pest requirements. But, it is not to be used in outdoor residential misting systems. When mixing PBO-8 with insecticides or acaracides, please do so as listed on the product label. This product has no insecticidal activity on its own.

NOTE: PBO-8 is NOT intended for use without an insecticide.

This product used to be sold and marketed under the Envincio brand name.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Piperonyl Butoxide - 91.3%
Target pests Insects and Mites
For use in Residential or indoors in Commercial or Institutional Buildings (Food Processing & Handling), Turf-grass & Ornamentals, Crops (including Greenhouses & Nurseries), on Livestock and Livestock Housing
Application See Label for complete application instructions
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Special Features Allows Use of Reduced Rates of Insecticides
Shipping Weight 1.28 lbs
Manufacturer Zoecon (Mfg. Number: 100208776)
UPC 041535012731
EPA Registration 89459-33



  • The only piperonyl butoxide made in the US
  • PBO-8 aids in reducing oxidative resistance that can develop in insects and mites
  • Synergizes many insecticides, including pyrethroids, imidacloprid, carbamates, rotenone, and others
  • Allows use of reduced rates of insecticides
  • Works with most misting, fogging or spray equipment types to suit diverse site/pest needs
  • Favorable toxicological profile - poses low risk to humans, environment
  • Excellent resistance management tool



Tank mixing or use of this product with any other product which is not specifically and expressly authorized by the label shall be the exclusive risk of user, applicator, and/or application advisor. Read and follow the most restrictive label instructions and precautions of all products in a tank mix.


This may be applied using ground equipment sprayers, hand-held sprayers, power sprayers, foggers, ULV applicators, or by chemigation.

Not for use in outdoor residential misting systems.


Avoiding spray drift at the application site is the responsibility of the applicator and the grower. The interactions of many equipment and weather-related factors determine the potential for spray drift. The applicator and the grower are responsible for considering all these factors when making decisions.

Aerial Applications

Do not apply at wind speeds greater than 10 mph at the application site. Do not make any type of application into temperature inversions. Apply as a medium or coarser spray (ASABE Standard 572). Do not release spray at a height greater than 10 feet above the ground or crop canopy. Boom length must not exceed 75% of the wingspan or 90% of the rotor blade diameter. Aerial applicators must consider airspeed and nozzle orientation in determining droplet size. When applications are made with a cross-wind, the swath will be displaced downwind. The applicator must compensate for this downwind displacement at the downwind edge of the application area by adjusting the path of the aircraft upwind.

Ground Applications

Do not release spray at a height greater than 4 feet above ground or crop canopy.

Airblast Applications

Direct spray into the canopy. Turn off outward-pointing nozzles when spraying row ends, and when spraying outer rows.

Use this product as an additive to insecticides or acaracides applied according to label directions on growing food, feed, or, seed crops outdoors, or in greenhouses, or on dormant crops.


NOTE: Mix this product with insecticides or acaracides listed on the label. This product has no insecticidal activity of its own. Rates indicated on this label refer to the proportion of this product to be added to the insecticide or acaracide.

Carefully observe the label directions for the insecticide or acaracide to be used, and apply at rates directed on those labels.

Always follow the most restrictive label directions, restrictions, and precautions of all products in a tank-mix. Do not mix with any product that prohibits tank mixtures with piperonyl butoxide.

* Refer to label for complete list of vegetables, crops, ornamentals and complete application rates.

NOTE: PBO-8 is NOT intended for use without an insecticide.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Piperonyl and evergreen pyreththren

    By Colan on 07/23/2017

    Make your own cocentrate for a fraction of the cost of commercial item. Mix 12 oz evergreen 5% and 9.6 oz pro -8 use 3/4 to1&1/2 teaspoons to a gallon for garden insect control. GREAT product GREAT price. Save hundreds over products like Bonide or pyganic

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Flea infestation under control

    By Russell on 07/10/2020

    Great product. I added it to permethrin sfr, pivot 10 and bifenthrin to get fleas under control. Definitely is working just have to repeat spray on about 10 -14 days. I have dogs. The PBO allows me to use a lower concentration and keep potency. Safer for the animals and deadly for bugs This is my goto solution. I do prefer TEKKO Pro with the dual IGR.

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Questions & Answers

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Can you clarify the height requirement, phytotoxicity concern, and tank mixing for Prentox PBO-8 Synergist?

I see that this may be used with air blast sprayers or power sprayers, but then I see the statement "Do not release spray at a height greater than 10 feet above the ground." This concerns me. I am also concerned about phytotoxicity and how well this synergist will work with microcap versus EC formulations.


That is correct, according to the product labelPrentox PBO-8 Synergist cannot be applied higher than 10 feet above the ground or crop canopy, so if the application you need to do requires application above that height limit then I would reconsider using this product. The Phytotoxicity Notice on the product states, "Prior to tank mixing, do a compatibility test using the proper proportions of pesticide, synergist and water to ensure physical compatibility of the mixture. Mix at a rate of 2 to 8 fl. oz. of this product per acre, based on the amount of active ingredient. In the absence of specific data or prior experience on growing crops and ornamentals (outdoors, in greenhouses or indoors), test tank mixes on a small sample of the plants to be treated prior to use and observe for any phytotoxic injury."

You can use Prentox PBO-8 Synergist with a wide variety of insecticides, including encapsulated products. There are suggested rates on page 5 of the product label.

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Prentox PBO-8 Synergist 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.5 (2 Reviews / 1 Q&A)

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