ProGibb Turf and Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator

ProGibb Turf and Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator

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Product Overview

ProGibb Turf and Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator is a highly effective formula that helps produce more attractive and marketable plants. It contains Gibberellic Acid which boosts the process of plant development and promotes stem elongation and uniform flowering. It offers desirable effects in ornamentals and crops such as increased flower size and yield, plus lessen the minimum temperature needed to introduce plant growth. When used on Bermudagrass turf, it provides growth protection and prevents color change that is usually caused by cold stress, while it also enhances regrowth in warm weather or during summer months. It is OMRI listed so it is safe for organic production but care must be used in measuring, diluting and applying this product. Available in quart size.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Gibberellic Acid - 4.0%
For use in Ornamental crops, turfgrass, cut flowers, and bedding plants.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Formulation Liquid.
Special Features OMRI listed for organic production.
Shipping Weight 1.92 lbs
Manufacturer Valent Usa Corp
EPA Registration 73049-15





When applying plant growth regulators, deviations in rates, timings, or water volumes from the label directions has been known to result in undesirable effects.

For optimum effectiveness, thorough spray coverage must be achieved; only plant parts covered with spray solution will be affected. Plant parts not directly covered with ProGibb T&O will not respond to the application.

An effective dose of ProGibb T&O is strongly dependent on application volume. Variation in plant response is possible if a given rate is applied at different spray volumes. Uniformity of spray solution is equally important.

When applying foliar applications of ProGibb T&O spray plants to run-off. The actual spray application rate will vary depending on plant size and spacing density. A spray application rate which is effective for 6-inch potted plants spaced at a density of 1 pot per square foot is 2 quarts of finished spray solution per 100 square feet of bench area.

Differences in plant response to ProGibb T&O due to differences in plant surfaces, leaf orientation, and plant structure are possible.

ProGibb T&O is most efficacious when applied during morning or late afternoon hours or when plants are not under environmental stress as extreme temperatures can influence plant response to ProGibb T&O.


The rates on this label are ranges and an optimum ProGibb T&O rate will depend on desired expectations as well as physical and environmental factors. Specific growing practices such as watering, potting media, fertilization, temperature, and light conditions will affect plant responses to a given ProGibb T&O rate.

Results from ProGibb T&O applications are dependent upon timing, rate, frequency of application, and plant vigor at application. ProGibb T&O applications made under slow drying conditions (cool temperatures, low air movement and medium to high relative humidity) will increase absorption by the plant, thus optimizing effectiveness.

To determine optimum use rates, conduct trials on a small number of plants under actual use conditions using the lowest recommended rate. When a range of rates is indicated, use the lowest concentration recommended until familiarity is gained.


  • For optimum effectiveness, thorough spray coverage must be achieved; all parts of the plant or crop must receive the spray or desired results will not occur.
  • Do not apply to plants under pest, nutritional, or water stress. ProGibb T&O will not correct or substitute for treatment of pest, nutrient, or water stresses.
  • Do not apply after flower buds show color.
  • Do not apply through any type of irrigation system.
  • Avoid drift onto non-target species.
  • Do not mix ProGibb T&O with pesticides, fertilizers, wetting agents, spreader stickers or other adjuvants.
  • Over-application has the potential to result in accelerated plant growth/development.
  • Do not apply ProGibb T&O to any food crop.
  • Do not reuse soil from plants treated with ProGibb T&O.


Apply with standard spray equipment set according to manufacturer’s indications.

ProGibb T&O mixes readily with water. For best results, have the water pH at 7.0 and always below 8.5.

Foliar Applications: Always make sure application equipment is thoroughly clean before mixing. When preparing ProGibb T&O for use as a foliar spray, fill tank to one half full. Add the amount of ProGibb T&O according to the rate conversion table below. Complete filling the tank. Dispose of any unused spray material at the end of each application following local, state or Federal law.


  • The use rates are based on results with common cultivars. Differences in responsiveness vary between cultivars, growing conditions, and cultural management systems. Therefore, prior to widespread usage, test a small number of plants from each cultivar under a specific set of growing and cultural management conditions to verify desired efficacy.
  • ProGibb T&O is an extremely potent plant growth regulator. The general effects on floriculture crops are to increase plant size through increased stem elongation and leaf and petal expansion. If applied at an improper time, at excessive rates, or too frequently, plants have the potential to become long and spindly with weak stems.


Apply ProGibb T&O to ornamental plants grown for cut flowers to promote stem elongation and flowering. Applying ProGibb T&O has the potential to dramatically promote flowering in many dicot and some monocot plants.

NOTE: ProGibb T&O is very active and application at an excessive rate results in undesirable effects. First evaluate ProGibb T&O on a small number of plants prior to application of the product on a widespread basis.


Application Instructions for Promotion of Plant Growth

Apply ProGibb T&O to bedding plants, annual and perennial potted crops, and bulb crops to promote plant growth. Applying ProGibb T&O has the potential to dramatically promote plant growth of most dicot and some monocot plants. Additionally, utilize a foliar ProGibb T&O application to overcome over-applications of a gibberellin-inhibiting plant growth regulator.

  • When applying ProGibb T&O to promote plant growth, start with 1 ppm unless previous experience warrants higher use rates.
  • If desired results are not achieved, a reapplication or an increase in rate is often warranted.

NOTE: ProGibb T&O is very active and application at an excessive rate results in undesirable stem elongation. First evaluate ProGibb T&O on a small number of plants before application of the product on a widespread basis.


Foliar applications of ProGibb T&O have been shown to initiate or maintain growth and/or prevent color change during periods of cold stress on Bermudagrass grown in golf courses, parks and turf farms.

(See label for complete list of application rates and instructions).

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