Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap

Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap
Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap
Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap
Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap

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Product Overview

Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap provides an instant solution to your rodent control problems. This extraordinary trap detects rats through its smart circuit technology and it uses a high-voltage shock which effectively kills mice and average-size rats as humanely as possible once they enter inside. Since it is possible for rodents to restart their hearts, the shock is activated for about two minutes to ensure a total kill. Each time it captures mice, the red indicator light flashes and notifies you of a catch. Its easy-to-use design allows quick set-up and lets you maintain it without difficulty. Its unique design also features no-touch disposal -- simply tip the device into the trash and let the captured rodent slide down easily without touching it. For more efficient trapping, it is recommended to put a high-protein bait the cup provided and place the trap in areas where mice frequent such as attics, basements, garages, kitchens and more. This trap can eliminate up to 20 rats per set of 4 fully charged AA batteries (not included).

Features and Specs

Target pests Mice and average-sized rats.
For use in Attics, garages, basements and kitchen.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Material / Construction Plastic, metal.
Special Features Equipped with smart circuit technology that senses when a rodent enters the trap. No-Touch Cleanup.
Shipping Weight 1.15 lbs
Manufacturer Victor (Mfg. Number: RZC001)



For your convenience, the Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap is very easy to use. Get your trap setup by following these four simple steps:

  1. Add bait - Apply a small amount of high-protein bait, such as peanut butter, to the back wall of the trap away from the metal plates using a Q-tip or other tool to avoid transferring your scent.
  2. Insert batteries - Remove the battery cover. Insert 4 “AA” batteries into the battery compartment before replacing the cover
  3. Place the trap - Position the trap on a flat surface against a wall where you have seen signs of rodent activity. The trap should be placed lengthwise with the entrance nearest to the wall.
  4. Turn On - Activate by flipping the switch to the “ON” position. A red light will blink once to indicate the trap is functioning properly.


Q: Where do I place the trap?

A: Place the trap along the wall where rodents primarily travel or where you have seen signs of rodent activity. Rats are wary critters and they’ll initially avoid anything new in their environment. Good news is we’re smarter than they are! It may take a few days or nights for the first rat to enter your trap, but be patient!

Q: How do I bait the trap? What should I use to bait the trap?

A: To bait the Rat Zapper, first make sure the trap is turned off. Place the bait along or on the back wall of the trap. Be sure to use gloves or a tool to bait so your scent is not transferred onto the trap. We’ve carefully researched dry pet food and found it an excellent lure. Other dried baits (nuts, dehydrated fruit, etc.) can also work well. Goopy Bait Note: Please don’t place moist or goopy bait in your Rat Zapper unless you place it in a plastic container, like a medium plastic bottle cap, and then slide it to the back of your Rat Zapper. (Otherwise, you may goop the electronics and/or falsely trip the system.)

Q: How do I clean the trap?

A: Through repeat use and baiting, dust and debris can settle on the metal plates inside the trap, so we recommend that you clean your trap between each use. To clean the trap:

  • Turn the unit to the off position and remove the batteries
  • Use a hydrogen peroxide topical solution (available at most drug stores) and an old toothbrush to clean the inside of the chamber. Use a wire brush as needed to remove any corrosion, being careful not to be too vigorous. This could accidentally remove all of the protective zinc plating
  • Allow the Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap to air dry completely
  • Replace the batteries and turn the unit back on

Q: What may affect the effectiveness of an electronic trap?

A: To ensure that your trap works when it is supposed to, keep the metal plates clean so the trap won’t trigger at the wrong time.

  • Don’t over-bait, as excess food could drop onto the plates and activate the trap, after which any rodent may safely enter to remove the food.
  • Make sure that the plates are clear of any debris, especially urine or hair from a recent kill that may interfere with the unit’s proper function. Remember, both plates need to be clean so that the electric circuit is made complete by the rodent stepping on both.

Q: What does it mean when the light blinks red?

A: When you turn on the trap, the red light will appear one time and fade away. This confirms the trap is on and working properly and the light turns off to save battery. The red light will also blink to indicate a successful kill; however, in order to conserve battery, it only flashes about every 7 seconds.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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What should we do if we have a Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap that keeps blinking and won't stop?

We apologize that you are having trouble with your Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap. Since that model has been discontinued we are not sure what could be causing the issue or how to fix it. We would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly for assistance. You can reach Victor Rat Traps at 1.855.584.2867

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