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Ana from 60614 writes

Repeated flea reinfestation of washed and sealed clthing, can i use it to wash clothes, and seal it fora while

For repeated flea reinfestation of washed and sealed clthing, clothes be washedwith and seal it for a while before final washing post infestation? I cant wash all of My clothes every few days... for some reason im having repeated clothes reinfestation (after washing and drying).


Alpine WSG cannot and should not be used to treat clothing. Heavy Flea infestations should treated every 14 days along with frequent vacuuming multiple times a week. Contents of the vacuum should be placed in a trash bag and removed immediately after. 

Treating the exterior of the home would be suggested as the infestation may be coming from the lawn outside. Please review our  How to Get Rid of Fleas Treatment Guide for more information. 

Answer last updated on: 06/06/2021

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