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    Game Changer

    By Bil on 04/29/2022

    I'm very allergic to Yellowjacket venom and I live way out in the country. I've used these traps for over thirty years and they have made my outside life livable.

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    Effective Yellowjacket Traps

    By Bil on 05/20/2022

    In September of 1988 I experienced anaphylactic shock due to a single yellowjacket sting on the ring finger of my left hand. The only time I've been in an ER and never had to wait. A nurse took one look at me and grabbed my hand and brought me to the back immediately. I spent three hours on a gurney on two drips. Saved my life. These traps are pretty good at entrapping the queens and even better during the Summer at entrapping the aggressive workers. In the Summer bait the traps with little chunks tuna in oil. If you can't find tuna canned in oil then add your own. Any edible kitchen oil works well to keep the tuna from dehydrating and will attract the yellowjackets for months. Take good care of the traps, empty them and clean them in the early Spring, You'll be able to use them again and again for years.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)