Revenge Horse and Stable RTU Power Sprayer

Revenge Horse and Stable RTU Power Sprayer

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Product Overview

Revenge Horse and Stable Fly Spray RTU 1.33 gal. is specially formulated to protect your horses, beef and dairy cattle, sheep, swine, and goats against flying insects. The active ingredient Permethrin effectively controls horse flies, stable flies, and face flies on livestock animals, as well as control fleas and ticks on dogs for up to 35 days. It is also effective against surface insects such as cockroaches, waterbugs, scorpions, millipedes, centipedes, sowbugs, pillbugs, ants, silverfish, firebrats, spiders, crickets, clover mites, and more. This ready-to-use insecticide features a water-based formulation, providing a safe, reliable fly control to your animals without leaving any oily residue. It can also be sprayed directly to livestock. Available in 1 gallon with power sprayer.


Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Permethrin - 0.50%
Target pests Horse flies, stable flies, face flies, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, cockroaches, waterbugs, scorpions, millipedes, centipedes, sowbugs, pillbugs, ants, silverfish, firebrats, spiders, crickets, clover mites, and more.
For use in Poultry houses and on birds. Horses, beef and dairy cattle, goats, sheep and swine.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Formulation Liquid.
Special Features No oily residue.
Shipping Weight 9.00 lbs
Manufacturer Bonide (Mfg. Number: 46173)
UPC 037321461739
EPA Registration 4-358



It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Shake well before using.

Use Restrictions

Except when applying to pets, companion animals or non-commercial livestock, do not enter or allow others to enter until sprays have dried. Except when applying to pets, companion animals or non-commercial livestock, do not apply this product in a way that will contact adult, children or pets, either directly or through drift. Avoid contamination of feed and foodstuffs. Remove pets and birds, and cover fish aquaria before use.

Affix trigger sprayer to container for application. Do not transfer to another container.

For travelers who want to protect their luggage from "picking up" listed insects such as bedbugs, spray the outer and inner surfaces of luggage with a light spray mist of this product. Allow the luggage to completely dry before use.


For spot application only. Not for broadcast use. Do not use a space spray indoors. In the home, all food processing surfaces and utensils should be covered during treatment or thoroughly washed before use, Exposed food/feed should be covered or removed. Application is prohibited directly into sewers or drains, or to any area like a gutter where drainage to sewers, storm drains, water bodies, or aquatic habitat can occur. Do not allow the product to enter any drain during or after application.


To protect cattle (beef and dairy), goats, sheep, hogs and horses from horn flies, face flies, house flies, mosquitoes, and gnats: Apply a light mist sufficient to wet the surface of the hair. For face flies, spray face and head, but do not spray into eyes.

To control stable flies, horse flies, and deer flies: Apply at a rate of 2 ounces per adult animal, sufficient to wet the hair thoroughly. Repeat treatment daily or at intervals necessary to give continued protection.

To control blood-sucking lice: Apply to the infested areas of the animal, using a stiff brush to get the spray to the base of the hair. Repeat every 3 weeks if required.

To control poultry lice: Spray roosts, walls and nests or cages thoroughly. This should be followed by spraying over the birds with a fine mist.

USE ONLY ON DOGS. DO NOT USE ON CATS. Do not repeat treatment for seven days. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant, nursing or medicated animals.

To control fleas, ticks, and lice: Start spraying at the tail moving the dispenser rapidly and making sure that the animal's entire body is covered, including the legs and underbody. While spraying, fluff the hair so that the spray will penetrate to the skin. Make sure spray wets thoroughly, but do not saturate animal. Do not spray into eyes or face. Avoid contact with genitalia. Use protective gloves or mitts when applying product. Repeat as necessary.


To control cockroaches, waterbugs, palmetto bugs, scorpions, millipedes, centipedes, sowbugs, pillbugs, ants, silverfish, firebrats, spiders, crickets, clover mites, cheese mites, granary weevils, rice weevils, confused flour beetles, rust red flour beetles, drugstore beetle, mealworms, grain mites, and cadelles:

Direct spray into hiding places, cracks, crevices, behind shelves and drawers. For silverfish, spray bookcase. For ants, spray tails, nests, and points of entry.

To control carpet beetles: Spray edges of carpeting and under carpeting and rugs. Make localized application to floor covering and baseboard, molding, and floor. Repeat treatment as needed.

To control bedbugs: Spray mattresses lightly, particularly around tufts and seams. Take beds apart and spray in all joints. Treat baseboards, moldings, and floor. Allow all treated articles to dry thoroughly before use.

To control fleas (adults and larvae) and ticks, including ticks that may carry Lyme disease (adult and larvae): Thoroughly spray infested areas, pet beds, resting quarters, nearby cracks and crevices, along and behind baseboard, molding, window and door frames, and entire areas of floor and floor covering. Fresh bedding should be placed in animal quarters following treatment. Repeat treatment as needed. Allow to dry thoroughly before allowing pets to contact treated areas.

To control clothes moths: Remove any infested articles from storage, brush thoroughly, and air for several hours in sunlight, if possible. Apply spray liberally to empty chests, closets, bureaus and other storage directing the spray into cracks, joints, and crevices. After airing, infested articles may be treated lightly, keeping nozzle at least three feet from fabric to avoid staining.

To kill lice and louse eggs: Spray in an inconspicuous area to test for possible staining or discoloration. Inspect again after drying, then proceed to spray entire area to be treated. Spray from a distance of 8 to 10 inches. Treat only those garments and parts of bedding, including mattresses and furniture that cannot be either laundered or dry cleaned. Allow all treated articles to dry thoroughly before use.


Do not water the treated area to the point of runoff. Do not make applications during rain.

All outdoor applications must be limited to spot or crack-and-crevice treatments only, except for the following permitted uses:

Treatment to soil or vegetation around structure;

Applications to lawns, turf, and other vegetation;

Applications to building foundations, up to a maximum height of 3 feet.

Other than applications to building foundations, all outdoor applications to impervious surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches and structural surfaces (such as windows, doors, and eaves) are limited to spot and crack-and-crevice applications only. Not fir use in outdoor residential misting systems.


Use this product as a residual treatment to control ticks including deer ticks (ixodes dammini), lone star tick (amblyomma americanum), brown dog tick (rhipicephalus sanguineus), American dog tick (dermacentor variabilis) and Western black-legged tick (ixodes pacificus).

For each area listed below apply until surface is wet (approximately 1 gal/750-1000 sq. ft.).

Treat around windows and doors, porches screens, eaves, patios, garages, under stairways, and in crawl spaces where these pests may enter.

Treat a band of vegetation and leaf litter 6 to 10 feet wide around the outside of building to help control ticks occurring there.

To help control ticks in outdoor activity areas, treat a band of vegetation and leaf litter 6 to 10 feet wide and adjacent to activity areas, especially where dense vegetation occurs.

TO CONTROL FIRE ANTS: Apply 1 gallon as a gentle rain to each fire ant mound using a sprinkler can or other applicator. Thoroughly wet the mound and surrounding area to a 4 foot diameter. For best results, apply in cool weather, 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit, or in early morning or late evening hours. Treat new mounds as they appear. Do not disturb the mound prior to treatment. If possible, treat all mounds in the vicinity, and treat all colonies which may not as yet have constructed a mound. Do not use equipment that produces a pressurized spray as pressurized sprays may disturb fire ants and cause migration, reducing product effectiveness.

PESTS ON OUTSIDE SURFACES OF BUILDING: Use this product to control ants, clover mites, crickets, earwigs, millipedes and sowbugs (pillbugs) on the outside surfaces of buildings. To help prevent infestation of buildings, treat the building foundation to a height of 3 feet where pests are and may find entrance. Also, apply as a spot treatment to outside surfaces of buildings, including porches, screens, window frames, eaves, patios, garages, refuse dumps and other areas where these pests congregate or have been seen. Repeat treatment as needed to maintain effectiveness.

HOUSE FLIES, MOSQUITOES, CLUSTER FLIES, GNATS, FLYING MOTHS OUTDOORS: For outdoor use only as an aid in reducing annoyance from these insects. Spray outside surfaces of screens, window frames, or wherever these insects may enter the room. Also treat surfaces around light fixtures on porches, in garages and other places where these insects alight or congregate. Repeat as necessary.

ANTS, LONE STAR TICKS, CRICKETS, FLEAS, AND EARWIGS OUTDOORS: For treatment of localized infestations of these insects in outdoor areas where there are weeds or bushy non-crop areas, spray infested areas thoroughly. For ants, thoroughly wet hills and runways. Repeat applications as infestations warrant and as reinfestations occur.

WASPS, HORNETS, YELLOW JACKETS, BEES OUTDOORS: Application should be made in late evening when insects are at rest. Aim spray at nest openings in ground, bushes, and in crack and crevices which may harbor nests, saturating nest openings and contacting as many insects as possible.


Hazard to Humans and Domestic Animals

CAUTION: Wash thoroughly after handling and before smoking or eating.

Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur bathe your pets with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately.


This pesticide is extremely toxic to aquatic organisms. To protect the environment, do not allow pesticide to enter or run off into storm drains, drainage ditches, gutters or surface waters. Applying this product in calm weather when rain is not predicted for the next 24 hours will help to ensure that wind or rain does not blow or wash pesticide off the treatment area. This product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or residues on blooming crops or weeds. Do not apply this product or allow it to drift to blooming crops or weeds if bees are visiting the treatment area.

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