D - Sect Clear IPM Station - Single

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D - Sect Clear IPM Station - Single clear station

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D - Sect Clear IPM Station - Single
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The D - Sect Clear IPM Station - Single is perfect for monitoring insects in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It's a low profile, tamper resistant and durable design that keeps the dust off on glue boards and prevents it from getting mushed. This product can be used with D-Sect custom glue boards or baiting insert trays. This product has multiple securing options and can be mounted in any orientation. It features a keyless entry which allows quick servicing and knock out holes when re-baiting, preventing the need to open the cover. Service labels are included which can be placed inside or out. Product also comes in a clear color. It's the perfect solution for capturing and killing flying and crawling insects.

Great for use with the Intice Gelanimo Ant Bait - just insert one of these into the station and you are set!

If you need glue boards, Custom Glueboard for D - Sect Station - single is the one that will fit into these stations. 

Easy to Follow Instructions:

1. Locate the raised pads, on each long side of the D-Sect, just to one side of the small center gap.
2. Place the D-Sect on a table so you can read the logo right side up.
3. As in the picture, with your LEFT hand lightly squeeze the raised pads on the sides and with your RIGHT hand slide the top a little to the right and lift off.

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08/02/2017 Jt from Elizabeth, Co

QWhat are the dimensions of the entry holes in the D - Sect Clear IPM Stations?
Need to use for other insects as well as ants.


The largest entry hole on the D - Sect Clear IPM Station is 1 1/2 inches wide by 1/4 inch high.  It can be used for ants, roaches and any other crawling or flying insects.

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