Prime Source Fungicide Activator


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Prime Source Fungicide Activator pint (16 oz)

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Prime Source Fungicide Activator

Prime Source's Fungicide Activator will affectedly improve the effectiveness of your systemic and contact fungicide applications with the addition of this to the mixture. Fungicide Activator Select increases the bond and coverage of the plant surface while concurrently increasing the drying time. Improved coverage plus drying time will mean that the plant will have additional chances to absorb the active ingredients at a higher level.

  • Boost disease control of fungicide applications
  • Lowers the irrigation or rain wash-off
  • Improved spreading confirms a larger coverage of fungicides
  • Drying time is slower which allows for better systemic acceptance
  • Perfect for delicate turf grasses such as tee boxes or greens

Fungicide Activator Select is an adjuvant that's specially created to enhance the performance of the active ingredients on systemic and contact fungicides while extending disease control. It can be used with registered fungicides for use on residential and commercial lawns, golf courses, sports fields, and other turf applications.


Mix Fungicide Activator SELECT at 1 pint (16 fl. Oz.) per 100 gallons of solution.

Fungicide Activator SELECT is designed for use with fungicides registered for use on all golf courses, sports fields, residential and commercial lawns and other turf applications.

As with all spray applications, be certain the mix tank and spray equipment is clean and free from previous spray solution residues. Always follow the pesticide label instructions for mixing and use. Fungicide Activator SELECT will be the last thing added to the mix tank. After adding Fungicide Activator SELECT, agitate until the spray solution is thoroughly mixed. Continue agitation as necessary to maintain mixture and ensure an even application of active ingredients.

If no mixing instructions are available, add tank mix partners in the following order, maintaining agitation throughout:

  1. Water to 3/4 of target volume.
  2. Dry AMS, fertilizers and micronutrients.
  3. If foaming is anticipated, add antifoaming agent.
  4. Water soluble packets, dry flowables and water dispersible granular pesticide formulations. Thoroughly mix these and make sure all solid particles are dispersed before moving on to the next step.
  5. Water soluble liquid pesticides such as most glyphosate formulations.
  6. Emulsifiable liquid pesticides such as emulsifiable concentrates.
  7. Adjuvants including Fungicide Activator SELECT, liquid AMS and liquid fertilizers and micronutrients.
  8. Continue agitation and fill tank to desired final level.

Mix Fungicide Activator SELECT at 0.125% v/v or 1 pint (16 fl. Oz.) per 100 gallons of solution.

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