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Selontra Rodent Bait

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    The only rodent bait comparable to contrac

    By Jimmy on 09/27/2018

    In the Houston area we’ve tried many baits including Final but selontra and contrac are the only ones that get results The customer I just revisited I put out about 4 selontra baits in a EZ secure bait box all 4 (maybe even 5) were eaten with nothing left 2 of the plastic wraps were even sitting about a foot away from the bait box like they’d been dragged on their feet. Also not as lethal as contrac for dogs and kids I believe and it has bitrex so it’s very unlikely for a kid to eat it and not spit it out

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    As advertised.

    By Scott on 02/23/2018

    After review of the product and completing the BASF training on this product, I purchased it as soon as it became available. Having a client location suited to conduct my own test so as to ensure palatibilty or acceptance I am satisfied it is as presented by the manufacturer. It will provide an effective level of control while reducing operating costs. I will recommend it as worth trying to any PCP.

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    A slow process

    By Thomas on 04/29/2019

    Since granular rodent baits were banned I have looked for a locally available and effective replacement. In my experience no self-respecting rodent would touch a green block with a ten foot pole. I discovered possibly three Norway rat nests in the insulated area under the floor of an unoccupied mobile home I bought and was working on. There was no human or animal food sources inside, or any activity at indoor bait stations with green blocks. I ordered Solontra and placed three stations with three blocks each on the ground under the suspect areas, based on rat urine smell, starting about a month ago. The bait was consumed every night for about a week and then ceased. I found one dead rat about 100' away. After about 4 days consumption resumed for about another week. I am finally down to one nest I believe. Consumption had ceased for 8 days and resumed last night. I am wondering at this point if it is possible for smart rats to continue eating sublethal doses indefinitely. I will continue to bait and monitor stations there and around my home using Solontra from now on. I would be interested to know more about maintaining the shelf life of this product.

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    Terrible Bait

    By Anthony on 09/01/2019

    Terrible Bait. The reviews led me to try this bait. The first Pail I purchased was unusable as it had white oxidation all over it . When I returned it the manufacturer said "they have had some production challenges" So they sent me another pail and never got any hits on their bait.This pail was not sealed and the bait was hard and not soft at all. I ended up trying Fastrac and immediately noticed acceptance.

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