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Thad from Clayton, Nc writes

Should I avoid spraying the carpet with Precor 2000 for fear of skin contact with the spray?

One of the Q/A says not to spray furniture on top so that skin contact is minimized, but what about on carpet where kids will be on the floor? It seems like there would a lot of skin contact on the carpet. Also one Q/A talks about spraying around beds but not on them. How does that kill the fleas on the bed if it's just sprayed on the floor?


The manufacturer has recently updated their product information to "Only complete and proper
application to carpets, upholstery, drapes, and other fabrics will provide thorough flea/tick
elimination. Keep people and pets out of areas during treatment. Vacate room after treatment, and ventilate until surfaces are dry before reoccupying." This new product information means that you could spray the entire piece of upholstered furniture if you wish. Having said that, eggs and pupa will not be found out in the middle of the couch cushion so we would still recommend that you concentrate your application to tufts, folds, voids and crevices as this is where the fleas would be developing. Also, you could spray your mattress if you choose but most folks find that simply vacuuming the mattress will eliminate the fleas on the mattress and that insecticide applications are unnecessary.

Answer last updated on: 03/19/2013

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