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Tracy writes

Should I treat the cat litter with Ultracide?

My cat and house have been treated. I treated the carpets with Ultracide four days ago. I have been vacuuming everyday. Although the cat has been treated with Frontline, I have kept the cat in one room. She does not seem to have any signs of fleas. I recently was vacuuming the cat's room and changed the cat litter bag and replaced it with new. I put the wrapped up garbage bag to the side and continued to vacuum. I think I saw the bag moving as if fleas were trapped inside the bag with the cat litter. If there are fleas getting inside the cat litter, should the cat litter be treated with anything? Would it be okay to let the cat out of the room? I am afraid she might transfer eggs or fleas to other parts of the house which seem to be under control or the couch which I didn't treat at all.


You should not treat the cat litter with anything. Simply change the litter frequently and you should not have any issues. Go over the cat carefully with a flea comb. If the cat does not have any signs of fleas or flea debris, it should be just fine to let the cat back into the rest of the house.

Answer last updated on: 08/01/2010

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