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Amy from Brush, Co writes

So - how exactly would you use this in your yard? Do you hold it in your hands to spray bushes, grass, etc.?

Do you set it on the ground and rotate it every few minutes? Is it harmful to pets? (Our dogs are grass eaters!) Is the sprayer our best bet? (I suspect a LOT of the mosquitos breed in the standing water of our storm drain on the corner of our front yard!) All our neighbors have TALL trees - i.e. cotton woods, blue spruce, aspen, etc. We stick to 10 to 15 footers.


For mosquito control Bifen IT is our most popular selling product for mosquito control.  It is a liquid concentrate that you mix with water and apply using a sprayer.  You will need about 1 oz of product for every 1,000 sq ft of space you need to treat. The key is to apply it to all shrubs, trees, and other foliage around the house or patio where you are trying to provide relief.  It should be directed not only on top of the leaves and plants, but on the underside of the leaves as well which is where the mosquitoes hang out. Bifen should be applied every 30 days for optimum control. You can also mix in an insect birth control like NyGuard IGR to spray at the same time as the Bifen to stop the reproductive cycle and get a better hold over the population on the property. You will want to apply the Bifen and Nyguard mixture with a tank sprayer of some sort, either a 1 or 2 gallon pump sprayer or a backpack sprayer. Using foggers like the Commander Tri Jet is great if you want to go out and fog periodically every few days or before a large party or event around your home, however most products used in those types of foggers are going to primarily be contact kill only, which means only killing mosquitoes and other pest while you are out there physically using the fogger. You could walk around with the fogger or mount it to the back of a 4 wheeler or trailer and pull it along to treat areas of your lawn and trees. For the storm drain areas you would definitely want and need to use some type of larvacide like our BTI Mosquito Dunks. All of the products are completely safe when used how directed on the label. The Bifen and NyGuard should be sprayed into target areas for the mosquitoes and just keep pets and children out of the area while you are spraying, and until the treated surfaces have dried. Once dry pets can roll on and chew on grass without harm. You can also see a few tips in our article How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes for better control.

Answer last updated on: 07/06/2014

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