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Ken from New Baltimore, Michigan writes

Something has crawled into a vacated groundhog hole and has died.

It is under a solid concrete sidewalk which is next to my house. The odor is terrible and is in the house now. Do you have anything that may neutralize the odor if I can get it to the source?


We do carry a product called Odor Hunter which can be sprayed directly on the source of the odor to help reduce or eliminate the smell. When Odor Hunter is applied, a reaction occurs where the product molecules bond with the odor molecules, creating an irreversible bond around the nitrogen and sulfur molecules, thereby instantly and permanently changing the odor’s chemical structure, which eliminates the odor. You should note that as the animal decomposes it will emit new gases and you will need to respray the area. It is always best to remove the carcass if at all possible.

Answer last updated on: 10/11/2011

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