Southern Ag Chelated Citrus Nutritional Spray

Southern Ag Chelated Citrus Nutritional Spray

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Product Overview

Southern Ag Chelated Citrus Nutritional Spray is derived from Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, and Manganese Sulfate. It was strategically and carefully combined to treat, prevent, and control minor element deficiencies and other deficiencies that may cause yellowing of foliage. This plant food provides the minor elements essential to the healthy growth of citrus, avocados, mangos and other tropical fruits. It can be used at the first signs of the deficiency symptoms. Highly recommended to be used in between the month of December and February up until the time flowering is complete. Available in a 1 pint jug.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Magnesium - 1.00% Sulfur - 4.10% Iron - 1.20% Manganese - 1.20% Zinc - 1.70%
For use in Citrus, avocados, mangoes, tropical fruits and ornamentals.
Application In winter for normal preventative spray. Apply as a thorough cover spray to run off.
Pet safe Yes, if followed as directed on the label.
Shipping Weight 1.20 lbs
Manufacturer Southern Ag (Mfg. Number: 13801162)
UPC 051538019026



Citrus Nutritional Spray provides the minor elements most needed by Citrus and Tropical Fruits. This product will benefit the plant at any time when deficiency symptoms appear. It is most effective when applied between December and February up to the time flowering is completed.

Apply spray thoroughly cover to the point of run-off. (Preventative rate may also be used on ornamentals.)

For prevention of deficiencies:

Use 1 tablespoonful per gallon of water and make. 1 to 2 applications per year is normally sufficient.

For correction of a known deficiency:

Use 2 tablespoons per gallon of water and make at least 2 applications at two week intervals.

On mature trees, the amount of spray required is approximately 1 gallon for each foot of height plus 5 gallons. (20 foot tree=25 gal. of spray)

NOTE: Deficiency symptoms in many plants can be an indication of improper pH. Soil pH should be checked and adjust if necessary. 

This product WILL SEVERELY STAIN concrete, masonry and painted surfaces.

Be extremely careful not to allow spray or runoff to contact with these materials. Do not mix with other fertilizers, fungicides or insecticides unless compatibility is known.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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Where do I spray the Citrus Nutritional Spray?

I have a lemon tree. Do I spray the Citrus Nutritional Spray on the ground around the tree or on the leaves of the tree? I certainly do not know what the "point of run-off is."


Southern Ag Chelated Citrus Nutritional Spray is applied directly to the foliage of the lemon tree.  Point of run-off means applying until wet and just starting to drip off the leaves.

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