Cellar Spiders

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Cellar spiders are much like any other spiders and are often confused with daddy long legs. Spiders can be very helpful in reducing nuisance insect populations around your home, but many of us are not big fans of the critters in our home. Some spiders become more of a problem than others, cellar spiders fall into this category. Here are some tips on how to identify and get rid of cellar spiders.

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Cellar Spider Information


There are about twenty different types of cellar spiders, but all look very similar. They have very long, thin legs and are pale in color, like yellow or gray. Sizes range from small, 1/16th of an inch long bodies with legs extending 5/16 inches. Larger ones can be about ¼ to 5/16 inches long and legs extending out two inches.

Habitat and habits

You will find cellar spiders exactly where their name implies, in damp cellars, basements, crawlspaces, and warehouses. What sets them apart and makes them a pest are their unusual web habits. Most spiders will consume their old webs before constructing a new one. Cellar spiders construct very free form, structure-less webs in dark corners, and they just keep building on top of existing webs, and soon the webs become a nuisance.

Controlling Cellar Spiders

  • Like any spider issue, brooms and vacuums are great tools in combating webs and spiders. Removing webs helps keep spiders from becoming established.
  • Reduce the available food source for the spiders. This means keeping insects out of your home, which includes sanitation and sealing all cracks and crevices and even changing outdoor lights to less-attractive sodium lights.
  • Lowering humidity indoors deters insects, and in return, deters spiders. Less insects means less spiders!
  • There are many products you can use that are formulated for spider control. Glue traps can be set in a barrier formation to keep spiders from entering living areas. This also helps you to monitor the spider or insect populations. 
  • There are many products available that kill spiders on contact, but products like Web Out will not only kill the spiders but also keep their webs from returning on surfaces.

Cellar Spider Pictures

cellar spider picture 1

cellar spider picture 2


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