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Spring Lawn Care

By DoMyOwn staff

Helpful videos to help you start your spring lawn care plan.

When to Apply Spring Pre Emergent Herbicides - Weed Prevention Tips
Learn more about timing pre-emergent applications on your lawn.
How to Apply Pre Emergent Herbicide Granules - Spring Pre-Emergent Weed Control
Learn how and when to apply granular pre-emergent herbicides to help your lawn thrive.
How to Apply Spring Pre-Emergents & Spring Fertilizers
Your location, grass type, and the correct active ingredients will help you apply your spring pre-emergent with spring fertilizer effectively.
How to Take A Soil Sample for Soil Testing
Before beginning a lawn care program, you should first take a soil sample to figure out the nutrients your lawn needs.
How to Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide Split Applications
Learn what split applications for weed control are and when to apply for optimal weed prevention.
Getting Started with Lawn Fertilizers - Lawn Care Tips
Properly applying fertilizer will keep your lawn healthy and help prevent weeds, pests, and disease.
Basics of Moss Control & Soil Testing - Spring Lawn Care
Monitor sunlight in your lawn, air circulation, lawn drainage, and your lawn's pH level with a soil test to prevent moss in your lawn.
Do My Own Lawn Care  - Spring Lawn Preparation
Paul goes over some essential steps to prepare your lawn for Spring.
Do My Own Lawn Care  - How to Scalp Down Bermuda Grass
Paul discusses how to scalp down bermuda grass and why it's good for your lawn.
Do My Own Lawn Care - Spring Pre-Emergents
Paul goes over how and when to apply Spring Pre-Emergents in your yard.
How to Get Rid of Nutsedge
Learn how to eradicate nutsedge, a perennial sedge that is notoriously hard to get rid of.
How to Use Soil Kit
Soil Kit helps in considering what fertilizer, lime, or nutrients are needed for healthier soil.
How to Use Surfactants in Your Lawn
Surfactants help your herbicide, insecticide, or fungicide stay on the leaves of the plant where they can be effective, rather than rolling off.
Know When to Overseed with Pre Emergent and Post Emergent Herbicides
Learn how overseeding works when applying pre and post emergent applications.
Do My Own Lawn Care - How to Overseed a Yard
Paul discusses overseeding your lawn - what, why, how, and when to overseed."
Should I Use Post-Emergents with Pre-Emergents in the Spring? |
Follow these simple tips when applying your spring pre-emergents and spring post-emergents, so you can have a beautiful lawn all year long.