Sting - Em Horse Stop Chew

Sting - Em Horse Stop Chew
Sting - Em Horse Stop Chew
Sting - Em Horse Stop Chew

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Product Overview

Sting - Em Horse Stop Chew is an edible mineral oil gel that stops your horses from chewing on fencing and other property with the hot chili pepper taste. It can be used to stop other animals as well. The product also protects your property from corrosive weather damage. It can even be applied to electrical wiring and junction boxes, unlike other preventative damage gel. Just place a small amount of the gel to the desired object, about 2 to 4 oz of the product per square feet. The product can be applied on wood, metal, plastic, ceramic tile, brick, cinder block, and cement. This veterinarian tested and approved product will stop even the most stubborn horses from chewing and damaging barns, trees, or fences. It will stop 98% of horses from chewing. This long lasting gel can be used on bandages as well, in helping your horses heal faster from their injuries by keeping them from licking their wounds.

Videos will refer to this product as Equi-Stop - same product, just different name.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient mineral oil - 80% hot pepper - 00.1%
For use in Residential, industrial and manufacturing sites, garages, warehouses, autos, boats, marine equipment, farm equipment, constrution equipment, electric, phone and cable connections, fences, stalls, barns, steel gates, trees, horse trailers, horses tails and bandages.
Application Place the gel on the desired surface, using about 2 to 4 oz of gel per sq. ft. No need to seal porous surfaces for horse chewing - please allow the product to soak into the wood. For other purposes, for example, bird and rodent applications - seal porous surfaces first.
Pet safe Yes, if followed by directions on label.
Special Features Hot pepper with a Scoville rating of 10,500.
Can be applied to wood, metal, plastic, ceramic tile, brick, cinder block, cement, electrical wiring and junction boxes.
98% effective on horses
Shipping Weight 0.62 lbs
Manufacturer MEM Manufacturing/Flock Free (Mfg. Number: SP-714 )


Keep out of the reach of children. 


I put the product on about a month ago and then waited to see how it worked. It is amazing. I have never seen anything like it. It stops ALL chewing. In fact, my two "chewers" would not even go in their lean-to for a couple weeks after their "introduction" to the product. 

Diana Clemons-Program Director, Harmony Ranch Therapeutic Riding Center

I have applied this product to wood fencing on my farm. It immediately stopped all fence chewing. Actually our horses were still not chewing on the fence months later. In my equine vet practice I have applied it to the outside of bandages a couple of times now on "bandage chewers."  Same result.....flat stopped them immediately. This is even more impressive since I have tried grocery store hot sauce products in the past with no effect at all.

Bob Peters DVM

Let me introduce you to my horse Coco.  This lovely mare is really a termite that parades around in horse clothing. 

I started using your product Sting ‘Em Equi-Stop a couple of months ago and I applied it to these places (and a few more that she was eyeing) both outside shelters and inside the stalls. I am sooo happy with the results that I just had to write and tell you how well your product worked. The damage has stopped completely. And she is not the only chewer on the farm either. I have had to replace stall walls, fence posts, and even had a tree die from being eaten. Nothing stopped them….that is….not until Sting ‘Em.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product available.  Everyone that has any wood on their farm needs to know about this product.



I have to write to tell you about my experience with the Sting ‘Em product you gave me to try as a wood chewing solution for horses. I applied it to my barn several years ago. I had some hard core wood chewers who were really working over the inside of our wood stalls. Some of the wood beams were close to being chewed in half. Since the application there has been no more chewing or new chewed spots anywhere in the barn. I made a single application in the fall of 2011, and currently (January of 2015) it is still effective! I used approximately a 1 gallon container on our 5 all wood horse stalls, even applying it to the walls which are particle board. This stuff is truly amazing! It is far superior to any no chew product for horses that I have tried, and I have tried them all. 

Recently, we built some new wood boxes for our heated watering units this fall to which I applied the product. In the past this has been the horses’ favorite thing to chew. These boxes are in an outside location exposed to the elements and months later the Sting ‘Em remains effective, not a single box has been chewed on. 

I also found a new application. On a whim I spread some on a wooden exterior door frame the cats like to use as a scratching post. The cats have not touched it since! 

Thanks for offering me the use of this great product! I would highly recommend it to anyone!


Wendy Calvert

Post Falls, Idaho

I have 2 horses that were eating my oak tree. I tried fencing around the tree, put tar paint on the bark and a variety of other product without success.The horses ate the tar, knocked down the fence, this was a tree they stood under at night and chewed. The very top of the tree broke off from wind as I think it was weak from the horses chewing. The horses almost ate off the bark completely around the tree which would have killed the tree. So I put some of your product on the remaining bark. You can see by the pictures, the tar paint is still on some parts of the tree, you can see where the bark has recovered next to the bare spots, the horses have not returned once after one application. To this day the horses do not stand under the tree at night, they now use the barn that was always there.

Islands International

Roy Soderquist


There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Sting - Em Horse Stop Chew

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