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    One Key Difference!

    By Apocalypse on 05/09/2022

    Pretty much all of the liquid/gel bait types work well if used correctly. As a professional applicator, I chose to go with Sumari because of the metal applicators needles provided in the pack. These allow better penetration into small spaces where I need to place the bait (I know, many PCOs will just put globs everywhere in plain sight; I want to intercept the ants at their exit points so my customers get rapid visual relief from the problem - and the foragers are forced to feed on the most readily available food source because it's in their way!) Remember: eggs don't eat bait! Nor do they crawl around. Small bait placements, patience, and repeat application is key to eliminate the whole colony. That's the goal!

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)