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Eric writes

Systemic protection for hickory trees from spiral borers

I have three young hickory trees that are losing branch ends to spiral borers. Is there something that I can put on the ground or put below ground at the dripline that would help protect the trees systemically from spiral borers? If not, is there a product that can be injected into or below the bark?


We have not been able to find a product that is labeled for the hickory spiral borers. The only information that we could find only recommended breaking off the damaged branches for control of the insect. If you would like to try a systemic insecticide to see if it helps, you could try Merit 75. You can use Merit 75 as a soil drench that would be taken up by the roots of the tree and you can spray the foliage on the tree as well. We would recommend that you contact your local cooperative extension office for further information.

Answer last updated on: 10/20/2010

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