Tannerite Exploding Rifle 1/2 lb. Target Kit

Tannerite Exploding Rifle 1/2 lb. Target Kit

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Product Overview

Tannerite Exploding Rifle 1/2 lb. Target Kit is an excellent product, the safest and the most fun exploding target on the market. Tannerite is composed of a two-stage explosive to make these targets. This explosive is unique on the market because it is super stable, only exploding from a high-powered rifle that shoots at a velocity of over 2,000 fps. Hammer blows; drops from any height, even being shot by a lower-powered rifle, Tannerite will not ignite. Another safety feature of Tannerite is that the two components are stored separately, both being stable and will not explode until they are mixed together.  When Tannerite detonates, it produces a loud explosion and a cloud of water vapor, giving you instant feedback when the target is hit. This target is extremely useful for shooting over long distances.

Kit includes:

  • 4 Tannerite 1/2 lb. Exploding Target Containers
  • 4 Catalyst Packs
  • 1 Mixing Container
  • 1 Set of Ear Plugs

Mix It, Shake It, And Shoot It.

Features and Specs

For use in Outdoor areas
Application Mix the 2 powders together, replace it in the target container, set it at least 100 feet away, then fire at the target
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label
Special Features 2 stage explosive that will not explode until mixed and then only when impacted by a rifle bullet going over 2000 feet per second
Parts Included 4 Containers of 1/2 lb of Tannerite exploding targets
4 Catalyst Packs
Set of Ear Plugs
Shipping Weight 2.43 lbs
Manufacturer Tannerite Sports (Mfg. Number: 1/2 br)
UPC 736211088765


Will Tannerite Brand Binary Rifle Targets Cause a Fire?

No. Tannerite binary rifle targets, when mixed and used correctly per instructions, will not cause a fire. The original Tannerite brand binary exploding target was specifically designed from conception to be non-incendiary. This means the product was created using materials of the highest quality and properly formulated to ensure that it will not cause a fire.

When a bullet hits Tannerite with a high velocity (2000 ft./sec. minimum), it causes a chemical reaction which results in a large water vapor cloud along with a loud report which is used as a shot indicator. Please note, however, that there are many knock-off products that can start fires due to an improper formulation and low quality raw materials. Even though Tannerite brand targets will not start fires, all brands of exploding targets are banned during special fire orders. Please obey these restrictions.

If unmixed Tannerite hardens over a period of time, is it still usable?

Yes. Tannerite is meant to be stored in a dry, room temperature location (and can last about 10 years!), but if it is kept in a hot or humid location, or any moisture gets to the bottles, the nitrates degrade and cause the pellets to fuse together. If this is the case and the damage is mild, Tannerite can be broken up, mixed and shot, working most of the time. If the damage is more severe, break up the nitrates, combine with undamaged nitrates (note: targets should not be mixed in more than 2lb. quantities!) and mix with the proper amount of catalyst. After the product has been damaged, there's no guarantee it will be as loud or as spectacular as the product in its original form. However, most of the time there will be a successful detonation.

Can you make Tannerite targets smaller or larger?

Yes you can. To make smaller targets, you can simply mix a 1/2 pound target and pour the contents into a plastic container of your choice. It's best if the container is not brittle, but just about any container will work. A good idea when shooting either small targets, or when shooting at long ranges, is to wrap the target in Duct-Tape. This prevents a spill or leak if the bullet strikes low, a fringe hit, or hits the lid on the target.

To make larger targets, tape one on top of the other, by hitting one it will initiate them both. Common sense and local noise regulations dictate how much you can use without getting cited for disturbing the peace.

What if I am approached by an authority and questioned about my targets?

Be honest, show them your Tannerite and explain what you are doing. If they have further questions please feel free to give them the Tannerite phone number (877-744-1406). Tannerite is sold for a shot-indicator, if you are misusing the product or destroying public property we will not help you. If there are complaints about the noise, please be respectful and stop.

How could something so fun, be legal everywhere?

Tannerite falls under the same laws as black powder and all other explosives that are exempt for sporting use. Remember though, just because it's a legal product if used as prescribed, does not mean that you can use it in any manner you wish. Unlike firearms, you can legally shoot them however, there are places where it is forbidden. It is up to the end-user to obtain local authority permission before using our product unless it's on private property. Even then if you live close to others it's best to contact them and explain what you are doing.

To reliably initiate, Tannerite targets need to be hit solidly with a transonic (ital) round. A transonic round is one going 2,000 feet per second or faster. All other things being equal, larger diameter bullets work better than smaller ones.


Pistol calibers from a pistol-length barrel

  • .17 HM2 (will sometimes work but not reliably)
  • .22 long rifle and similar (.22 short, .22 long, etc)
  • .22 WMR (will sometimes work but not reliably)
  • .30 carbine
  • Shotgun slugs of any gauge

EXAMPLES OF COMMON ROUNDS THAT WILL RELIABLY INITIATE TANNERITE TARGETS: .17 HMR, .17 Remington, .223/5.56mm NATO (the common AR15/M16 or Ruger Mini-14 round), 5.45x39mm (the AK-74 round), 6mm Remington, .243 Winchester, .270, 7.62x39mm (the AK-47 round), 7mm Remington Magnum, .30-30, .300 Savage, .308/7.62mm NATO, .30-06, .300 Remington Magnum, .338 Remington Magnum, .50 Browning (the .50 caliber machine gun round)

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What is the useful life of the composition after Tannerite Exploding Rifle 1/2 lb. Target Kit is mixed?

Meaning how long will it go bang after the mixing?

The Tannerite Exploding Rifle 1/2 lb. Target Kit is meant to be stored seperately. Both components are meant to be mixed together when you are ready to use them and not before.

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