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    Worked For Me

    By Searider on 07/29/2016

    Researched fungicides to fight a nasty bout of pythium & phytophthora that had taken hold in my brugmansia beds & killed off 6 of my prized cultivars. Banrot was my first choice based on recommendations but discovered it's banned in my state, so went with Terrazole 35WP because it has one of the active ingredients of Banrot that is allowed here. Received order in 2 days in a well contained cardboard box. Bag of Terrazole is small but since I'm not using a lot for my needs, opted for the smallest amount of product to do the job. Product was applied to my flower beds as a soil drench. Since I only have a 1-gal sprayer, used two 1-gal plastic milk jugs with the smallest dosage cut in half for each & then added each mixture one at a time to sprayer for application to ground around plants. Plants had no damage/trauma from product & product did not clog my sprayer. This is a very fine light colored powder so make sure you're wearing a respirator/particle mask before opening the bag. Once mixed, has a smell faintly reminiscent of Chlordane (to me) but is undetectable once applied. Best to apply this before it rains as mixture needs to be watered in after application to hit the root zone. Bag is resealable but I suggest putting it inside another one as a precaution. Results were almost immediate with my plants as I noticed the remaining ones were starting to perk back up after 3 days & after 1 week they were back to normal. Have not had another episode since applying product only once. Others may need to apply more frequently based on their situation/disease pressure.

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