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"Do My Own Pest Control makes it very easy to purchase items. The products are very good. Products arrive in a timely manner especially with free shipping. I am a repeat satisfied customer. "



"I appreciate the reviews. They helped me make the decision to purchase this particular product. Also, during my reading of the reviews, a chat person came on to ask if I had any questions about the product of my choice. The checkout process was clear and to the point. Thank you, DMOPC!"



"Amazing: that is the the only way to describe this product, Advion Roach Bait. Within one week my roach infestation was under control. Telling sign, no roaches when I put the light on at night. In fact, I now see only one or two dead roaches on the floor in the morning. My pest control company wanted to charge me $300 for the first treatment and $200 for a follow up treatment. Thank God I decided to do a little research and come across this company and product. Again, Thank you! Patrick, Pembroke Pines, FL"

Pembroke Pines FL


"Exceptional service when I was in a crunch to meet my travel deadline to my second home & get product down. The service rep did everything he could and got it out same day later in the day, and the 2nd Day Air rate is fantastic. At $15.99 2 Day rate, they are truly passing their negotiated UPS rates on to the customers so they can utilize the service, not pocketing some high shipping markup and making it prohibitive to using. You're a standout, and I will be loyal because of it!! "

Scottsdale, AZ


"I can't even begin to tell you how highly I recommend Do My Own Pest Control. We ended up with a pretty bad German cockroach problem while living in a duplex. We bought some bombs and bombed our side before we packed up and moved, but it apparently didn't work. Within a week of living in our new house we started seeing them again. In retrospect, the cost for all the "buy at the grocery store-in home treatments" was WAY too much, but we figured it was our only option, and it never seemed to do a whole lot. We were seeing hundreds of cockroaches a day. Lights on/lights off, etc. It didn't matter. They were everywhere and we couldn't ever have people over because an infestation is less than welcoming. Finally I got so fed up with it that I starting looking into prices of professional pest controls. I came to find that it was exactly as I expected. WAY too expensive for me to afford. Then, during my research, I stumbled upon this jewel of a website. I had absolutely no way of knowing that any of this would work, but the reviews seemed promising enough, and I figured that it was worth a shot. On May 5th, 2014 I received my order of a Roach Control Kit #2, Catchmaster Mouse/Insect Glue Boards - CASE (72 boards), Tempo 1% Dust, B&G Bulb Duster 1150, Gentrol Point Source, InVict AB Insect Paste, Chapin 1 Gallon Pump Sprayer, Masterline Professional Bait Gun, Advion Roach Bait Gel, Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations (72 count). They recommended the roach control kit #2 alone for my situation, but I figured my infestation was much more severe than that. Now, on February 12, 2015 (less than a year later) I can say that I haven't seen a roach in months! And I still have TONS of baits and stuff left over. Do my own pest control had all of the products we ended up needing, plus there were instructional videos that helped show me how to use them all. I have never been more pleased with a company. If you have ever had an infestation, (which I would assume that if you're reading this, you have/do) you know how big a burden that can be. It was SO horrible, and every single day I found myself wishing I could just get rid of it. I can't even tell you how nice it is to be able to have a can of soda sitting on the kitchen table, and not have to worry about whether or not a roach has wandered into it while you weren't looking. Or to be able to store our cereal in the boxes they came in, rather than air tight containers bought specifically to keep roaches out. Obviously I can't say anything about any products other than the ones I listed, but the customer experience I had was absolutely the best I've ever had, and the products did exactly what I hoped they would. I strongly recommend giving Do My Own Pest Control a shot. "