Our Customers Say it Best

DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...


"The site is easy navigate. I like being able to read others' reviews of each product. I also really like the instructional videos on how to properly use the product. Price was awesome. WAY cheaper than having pest control come out and probably WAY more effective, too! I know since we've started using our product from DoMyOwnPestControl.com, we haven't had ANY pest problems!"

Belmont, MS


"I have a big mouse problem. Calling the exterminator costs $75 every time; buying my own stuff costs $35. How the product is working, I'm not sure yet, but I can see the mice are eating it and staying out of my stuff. So I guess, so far, so good. I will know more in the next couple weeks. I will keep buying this stuff because it seems to be working and it's a lot easier on my bank account. And I will always use this company: they are the best price, and very fast at getting you your product."

Weaverville, CA


"I enjoyed thoroughly navigating the site. It was very easy to shop at Do My Own Pest Control. I was especially pleased with the site's ability to make suggestions on stronger products that may be of more use for my needs. DoMyOwnPestControl.com should be a model for other sites to follow."

Orlando, FL


"I'm so happy that I found this website. I somehow got bed bugs and my local exterminator wanted $1,200 to come in and treat my three bedrooms and living room. Who just has that kind of money? I sure didn't, so I went to the Internet and did a lot of research, and I found out that I could do the same thing they were gonna do for half the price. Lo and behold, it's a lot of work, but here at Do My Own Pest Control they have a lot of guidance, and I'm so grateful. I did just what they said to do in the video and was very successful. Thank you so much!"

Hendersonville, TN


"I found out about DoMyOwnPestControl when I looked around for flea spray. I ordered a product from their website and the item arrived on time as promised. I have made another order with them and am satisfied with their service. Their customer service is good and knowledgeable too."